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    I am into my 13th day of the diet and a few days ago, I discovered my vagina has taken a new smell, one that i have never had before. I’m completely mortified since it now smells “fishy”.

    I do not douche, having learned as a younger teen that it was not good for the body. I have been looking online for possible causes for this or what my symptoms might mean, but in what they are suggesting is Bacterial Vaginosis I notice I do not carry all the symptoms. Knowing I am on this diet and knowing that I would be experiencing some changes, I wondered if this is die-off?

    It’s frustrating and highly embarrassing. Anyone else experience this? Or know if this is die-off or BV?



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    That really sounds like BV. BV is pretty common. I found this awesome product at whole foods, they sell it at any natural food store. Its called GYnatren. you can find it in the refrigerated section. Its a pink box and costs like $27. It comes in a 14 day supply, It has an oral probiotic and a vaginal pill. Its used to treat yeast infections and BV. This stuff is the only thing that has helped my recurrent yeast infections. I would definitely give it a try.


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    What is BV?

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