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    I was wondering if someone could help me identify this.
    Aside from some bloating and gas, I have not had any Candida symptoms in quite some time. I dont feel depressed or have anxiety anymore and I am having very productive days at work. I have been taking a lot of supplements for over two months(candida cleanse from amazon, reishi mushroom extract, caprylic acid pills,oregano oil pills, hemp extract oil, interface, over 100 billion probiotics daily, yougrut, kefir, black walnut tea extract, milk thistle, apple cider vinegar pills, 2000 mg vitamic c, korean ginseng pills, castor oil and more!) and I feel great overall. I also eat healthy greens and such but the last few days I have cheated a little (Still feel great) and no side effects.

    Today i had the following in my stool and I dont know what to make of it. Has anyone had a stool that looked like this? I have never had this much “mucus” before.

    Any ideas ? Is this candida die off? Please answer if you have any thoughts.


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