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    this is my first post and topic on this forum, so I would like say to everyone “Hello!”
    In October 2014 I came with my fiancee to England. I’ve always been in good health. Tomorrow I have another one appoitment GP. I changed a doctor, because the previous doctor was totally ignorant at all.

    My problems started to suddenly. I ignored it. after almost two years, I know it was a big mistake.

    Below you can see the equivalents of sentences which I prepared for the doctor.
    This is a shortened of my story. Of course, not everything I wrote, because was too much symptons. I can’t remember all of them.

    I may add: I do not have a cough, runny nose. I have reduced body temperature (35,5-35,8).
    I did today fourth test with saliva in the glass. three previous negative. today positive.
    From teenage years till today. tonsillitis throat. sometimes pus. usually fever up to 40 ° C. Sometimes three times a year. Sometimes once. Typically, the antibiotic Augmentin – Amoxicillinum, Acidum clavulanicum. Always helped. I’m not sure that always with priobiotics. Sometimes with jogurts.
    Since I can remember to January 2016 – normal fun life. a lot of beer. Cigarettes of 10 yrs. very little fast food. usually homemade dinners. usually a lot of healthy food. more fruit than vegetables. a lot of fried food. a lot of potatoes and meat together. without diseases. Only tonsillitis throat. sometimes the flu. well-being. Sport life style. any problems at all.
    April 2013 to December 2013 – Roaccutane for 9 months. without probiotics. tablets consumed with fats after the command dermatologist to better solubility. no side-effects. walking to the gym. normal life. I had never complexes because of this. This had no effect on my life. I had a and I have very, very good social life.
    2015 (summer?) – patches on both elbows. symetric. same. diagnosis from Dr. Boora eczema. applying ointment. after about 3 months cured. without recurrence. could not it be eczema. it was an allergy. whole life without allergies. at the same time I could drink milk and eat pickled cabbage and there was no diarrhea. digestive system perfect condition. cysts on nipples, enlarged lymph nodes under the arms or groin (They appear and disappear). Starts of weakened immune system?
    January 2016 to Today – starts sweating feet and hands. no difference what is the temperature. continuous feeling of tiredness. After about two months beginning thinking why and what I’m still tired. Why sweat only the hands and feet. never before.
    April to October 2016 (contractual date) – noticing health changes. chest compressions. sudden rapid heartbeat and sweating at the same time the feet and hands. feeling like I had just fainted. rarely pulpy stools. no problems with the digestive system. smearing the image while reading. cramps in the area of the heart. other strange whom I do not remember. some symptoms to this day.
    July to October 2016 (contractual date) – noticing health changes. slow changes in the stool. normal digestion of food. more often pulpy stools. No pain of stomach. splashing, gurgling in the abdomen. More strange pains in the head, chest. More neuralgia different places. Rare contractions. skin changes. Much, much more sweating feet and hands. cold hands and feet. dizziness. still fatigue. muscle aches. white coating on the tongue. lack of vigor. general wellbeing different from the earlier. All results are normal. some symptoms to this day.
    10.2016 (contractual date) – Tonsillitis throat. Penicillin seven days. without probiotics. the last day of treatment, vomiting, diarrhea, temperature, very strong abdominal pain. intestinal flu symptoms. after 3 days diarrhea for about two months. Sometimes without diarrhea, always loose stool. To this day, splashing, gurgling in the abdomen. dull abdominal pain. terribly smelly stools. bloating the same smell. some symptoms to this day.
    11.2016 (contractual date) – burning nipples. cysts on nipples. pain. appearing for a few days then slowly vanishing. once or twice a month.
    11.2016 (contractual date) – two weeks strong headache. rarely in the past headaches. pain so strong that I felt when stepped down at the left side for a week crowd. CT head. results okay.
    Dec 17 – tingling of the hands when holding light bags from the shops. if I have both hands I feel a tingling in both. if one feels in one. if I change my hand to stop tingle. I had never before. sometimes I tingling legs up to the knees but rarely. It is not caused by the seat on the leg. bad position or something else. legs are loosely.
    22.12.16-04.01.17 – holiday in Poland. Eating everything. splashing, gurgling in the abdomen on the left side of the navel. feeling hot in the same place and in the middle. stool pulpy. bright. no diarrhea. stool rare. a lot of thin threads. undigested food residue. some symptoms to this day.
    Collected family history. my father’s mother about 14 years ago colorectal cancer. cured chemotherapy. recurrence at 84 years. Metastasis. Now chemotherapy again. My father whole life digestive problems. constipation. Polyps intestines. hemorrhoids.
    10.01.17 quit from cigarettes. Restrictive diet change. Appropriate links meals. Carbohydrates separately. Meat only with vegetables. a lot of fiber and water. Zero sugar and zero processed food. No bread. No fruits. Zero milk and dairy products. Sausages only from own sources. Meat only from steam or grill. raw vegetables. food with a low glycemic index. accurate rumination food. Slow eating. Started to do enema. Only one did. Felt long time much, much better after enema. less odorous stools, less bloating but only by adhering to a very strict diet. Constipation (after cigarettes quit). some feel better. strange skin lesions disappear. a little less sweating stop and hand. Less abdominal pain. After two weeks from quit cigarettes stool one per day but the feeling of incomplete evacuation and very small till today.

    14.01.17 – Starting gym and active lifestyle.
    26.01.17 – rash on the penis (glans). use Clotrimazole cream. slightly purple glans. rash ceased. light burning today. partner also infected (inflammation of the vagina) probably jacuzzi.
    End of January – note external hemorrhoid. pain when sitting. Bought Rutin 500mg.
    03.02.17 green stool with white goo on a stool. a lot of thin threads. undigested food residue. cramps around the liver, intestines. I did not have before, later also.
    6.02.17 note painful white spots on the gums.
    06.02.17 First time in a month bread ate for supper. First time in a month I ate for dinner potatoes with chicken from steamer. On the next day and evening before splashing, gurgling in the abdomen. on the left side of the navel. average every 1-2 minutes continuously for all day. Very load. pain in the abdomen.
    07.02.17, 8:00am blood in stool- possible from hemorrhoid. Using Rutin 500mg x2 day and very helpful. Stool contains undigested rice, leftover lettuce and other foods. a lot of long, thin threads. little blood in the stool and toilet paper. beginning stool very dense. hard to grind. the rest of the stool in the form of a slurry. color correct.
    (My problems with hemorrhoids by the age of 18. appears and disappears. They never treated. my father many years has hemorrhoids. he used everything and was with specialists hundreds of times. I recommended him rutin 500mg and the problem has decreased 80%).
    Today – I still have undigested food in stool. a lot of thin threads in the stool. lot of tiny black dots in the stool (much smaller than poppy seeds). splashing, gurgling, etc. in stomach. beginning stool very compact with undigested remnants of food, and the rest in the form of a pulp with undigested remnants. cold feet and hands (even when it is warm). white coating on the tongue. painful white dots on the gums. bad smell from the mouth (it intensifies). very, very rare cramps in the chest (only right before going to sleep in bed) on one second, 2-3 times and gone. From few months, I had maybe 6-7 times like that. earlier when he complained of pains in the chest I had every day several times. I made a test with the juice of beet for the tightness of the intestines. tight. Brown color stool. problems with memory. Not always and everyday all of them. usually I only have problems with the digestive system. abdominal pain in the left part. sometimes left kidney. usually I only have problems with the digestive system. abdominal pain in the left part. sometimes left kidney.
    I don’t have any more neuralgia. No blurring when I read. No dizziness. No problems with the heart. No shrink various parts of the body. No cysts on nipples, enlarged lymph nodes under the arms or groin. feels more physical strength.
    After years of taking antibiotics such as Augmentin – Amoxicillinum, Acidum clavulanicum, Roaccutane, Penicillin, and I think others too. I think that a sudden increase in problems with stool and digestive system, which appeared immediately after the end of treatment with penicillin have in a relationship.

    Possible that antibiotics used for years destroyed the good bacterial flora. For this acidification caused by malnutrition.

    The observations own body. I feel better without sugar and large amounts of carbohydrates. It is known that for example, candida species feed on sugars and grows.

    I know that every person has the bad bacteria in the intestines. they are kept in check by the good bacteria. if we use a lot of antibiotics and do not eat priobiotics and bad diet. We destroy bacterial flora and good bacteria. it may cause in some people the growth of bad bacteria. in effect, for example candidiasis.

    My health problems were not associated with the digestive system. I had strange symptoms that I did not never before. From what I know of IBS is limited only to the digestive system. Fungi, bacteria, yeast does not.

    My stool was tested several times on the basic bacteria. only Escherichia coli, Compylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella. These are the bacteria for food poisoning. I do not understand why when I have diarrhea and problems with the digestive system, smelly and yellow stool for several months why I had done every time tested feces on the same thing I mean only Escherichia Coli, Compylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella? No a test for fungi, bacteria, yeast, worms and anything else that may cause such systemic symptoms. I know that anyone can go out, for example candida in feces. because everyone has them. in that case are other ways to exclude fungus, bacteria, yeasts.

    This is not easy. today after doctors order lab tests and results okey. Automatic diagnosis of IBS. Subject fungi, bacteria is taboo. Even without testing.
    “When it comes to solving IBS, you should always be tested for the presence of candida (yeast). candida is common and cannot be counted on to go away on its own, but understanding what you are dealing with will make a huge difference in your ability get well”.

    my tounge
    my saliva

    thank you for any help!

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