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    I’ve always had stomach (bad diarrhea and never a solid bm), bloating, lethargy, aches pains, depression, anxiety, (when I was in my teens, white crusty stuff in the corners of my mouth..) and soooo much more. I’m 43 now.. when I was an infant (like barely a yr old) I would get really bad ear infections and the Dr prescribed antibiotics like candy all through my infancy and pretty much all the way through high school. I used to get strep throat like every other month. I was on antibiotics pretty much through my entire childhood from birth. As an adult, I don’t take antibiotics at all. Heck, I don’t even take tylonal.

    I’ve tried parasite clenses, and many other things over the years trying to figure out what has been wrong with me. I started using oil of oregano about 2 months ago, but didn’t change my diet (crap & beer), so I don’t think it was working as it should…

    2 weeks ago I started on a ketogenic food program from Personal Trainer Food (ABSOLUTELY ENDORSE THIS PROGRAM), and after a week added oil of oregano back into the mix. After 2 days… I started pooping this insane stuff.. for 5 days straight and still goin. Not just a little.. a lot.. some of it looks like lobes of liver. It’s all kinda tied together. It kinda looks like wads of wet paper towels. The first part that came out was kinda white and somewhat hard. Now its mushy and kinda globby.

    It just doesn’t end… 5 days of pooping this stuff out has me a little worried. I pulled a small amount out and put it in the sink to look at it and poke it with a q-tip.. I must have had complete bowel obstruction for decades with the amount that’s coming out. I feel like there’s more even… is it candida!? …some kind of worm!? Either way I’m soooo glad it’s coming out, but I really want to know wtf it is!

    How do I post videos or pictures here so I can get your input?


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    You could add images to and then post them here – that’s probably the easiest way.

    Have you done a stool test? That would be the best way to know for sure. But it does sound like there has been some kind of microbial overgrowth and excessive biofilm activity. It’s just difficult to know whether its Candida or not!


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    Rectal itching and oral thrush are top symptoms. You can get professional diagnosis if you wanted. Its best to make a plan to attack this vs. just taking an antifungal. Try out rutabaga…if you feel awful afterwards, then it could be yeast.

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