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    I believe I have candida (fatigue, depression, every skin condition in the book, and diarrhea everyday).

    Problem is, I’m 23 years old and it is extremely difficult to follow such a strict diet for the rest of my life, especially as I’m at an age where social drinking is normal, and having 10+ beers a week is very normal.

    So what do I do? I’m following the diet, I am still researching into antifungals and probiotics, but for now I’ve been taken spoonfuls of coconut oil and eating raw garlic/taking garlic pills.

    If and WHEN I cheat, what should I do the following day to mitigate the setback?

    I want to get rid of this bullshit overgrowth, but it’s extraordinarily hard when you enjoy a few drinks with friends and family who ALL drink.

    I need advice!


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    I’m 26 and have had conflict between the diet and my social life. You can read a bunch of us, myself included, discussing this phenomenon in these two threads:
    “Alcohol and the Diet”
    “Social Relationships”

    Something I don’t think I mentioned in any of my responses in those threads is that honestly, I want to get this taken care of NOW. While I’m still 26, and before it gets any worse. I probably could have “gotten away with” continuing to drink (I love wine, and I’m a bourbon snob, true story) and eat non-beneficial foods for a few more years, and continued feeling terrible instead of addressing the candida, but eventually, I would have ended up much worse off, and then it would take even longer to heal the damage. There are people on this forum in their 30s, 40s, or 50s who are SO much sicker than I was, and it’s taking them a very long time to make any tangible progress. I’ve been on the forum’s strict diet for slightly over three months now (it’s different than the website, message user Able900 if you’re interested), and adhering very carefully to it (no cheating), and I’ve had really incredible success in that short period of time. I really think I’ll be symptom-free in another three months or less if I continue in a similar fashion. There are plenty of people who require 12-18 months to beat candida. We have a lot of factors in our favor to help us beat it — younger people usually have more resilient bodies, we’re generally not as set in our ways, and our overgrowth hasn’t had as many years/decades to damage us.

    I hope you get this figured out. Good luck!


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    Hi there,

    I am relatively new, but also felt I could weigh in on this being a 25 year old female. I work FT and I attend graduate school. Symptoms started (enough to get me on the computer researching) after a round of antibiotics this past January. My digestive system changed and was irregular, bloating, mucous/phlegm like production with constant throat clearing, and I couldn’t lose weight even though I exercised 4-5x weekly. When I think back, my “healthy” diet of lots of complex carbs, fruits, and very few vegetables which did not help matters. I have been taking BC for years.

    After a stressful week, I wish for nothing more than to meet my friends at a burger bar for food and drinks, or go out and have a romantic evening with my boyfriend and have wine and dessert. Going out for drinks was one way I was able to see my friends with my hectic schedule.

    I started the forum diet (separate from website) in February. I have cheated 2 times: Valentine’s Day and got a sinus infection with die off, and this past weekend because I was feeling better with little to no die-off and wanted to test the waters for a birthday. I regret it, and will no longer continue entertaining the idea of a cheat. All I am doing by cheating is stunting the progress I am making and my original symptoms coming right back.

    Like shayfo said, we want to eradicate this “beast” while we are still healthy and young. I had NO clue about candida, CRC, small intestine/stomach imbalance, needing to take probiotics, or any of the valuable information I’ve learned from this forum. I only have a few months of pesky symptoms, as opposed to some older members that have endured it for years. I do not have food allergies or leaky gut like some horror stories members face. If we take care of this now — spending 6-12 months on the plan eating better and feeling healthier, with better skin, etc. — we won’t be jeopardizing our future health. Think of it as educating yourself in the process about making smarter food and health choices. Stick with it, and with the support of understanding friends/family, and forum support, you will succeed and overcome this small hurdle at such a young age. 🙂


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    You should consider either tackling your health problems now, or later when they could be much worse. Its up to you; one method is to face your problems and the other is to run. Flight or fight.

    You don’t have to do the diet for the rest of your life either but you should do some kind of healthy diet that is all organic, no processed foods, gmo’s, etc.


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