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    I’m new to all this and I’ve been doing tons of research for the past few days since I’ve stumbled upon this revelation. Basically I’ve never been tested for Candida. I’ve done the spit test but I hear that it can give false results. I’m scared to even go to my doctor because he never believes me. I’ve suffered from Hypoglycemia my whole life, which almost everyone in my family has either Hypoglycemia or diabetes, but no tests show anything wrong. (At least as far as a “textbook” is considered.) I stumbled upon Candida and EVERYTHING finally made sense. My doctor told me I don’t think you have hypoglycemia, I think your are “just” too skinny and need to eat more. He never addressed any other problems or how to go about a diet when I have no apatite due to stomach problems and never feeling hungry. I’ve always been skinny, never have had a good apatite because of stomach issues. I’ve had many tests done on my stomach since I was a little girl. I had a whole batter of tests done trying to discover my underlining cause of hypoglycemia reciently. Nothing came back to explain anything. Just that my iron was a little high but to not worry about it. (Not worry!) I even had an ultrasound done when I thought I could have fibroids when my periods got horrible. Just a hormonal imbalance, nothing to worry about, it will even out in time is what they tell me. I’m so fed up with doctors. They just try to shove me out the door as fast as they can after I refuse anti-depressants. I’m just too sensitive to medication. I’ve taken the surveys, done the spit test and everything, EVERYTHING can be explained with a yeast problem. Especially all the stuff I never knew was bad or I knew just didn’t fit in with my hypoglycemia.

    Is it safe to start an anti-candida diet and do the whole program on my own without getting first tested by a doctor? I plan on doing this with all natural cures. Also my husband is reluctant to do this with me. He thinks I’m overkill on this and thought the idea ridiculous when I suggested he could have this problem too. I’d also want our kids to start a similar diet to just be more healthy and to prevent this from happening to them too.

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