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    Hi all,
    I’ve been on this forum for about 5 months now…plugging along with my diet. I am here because of chronically recurrent vaginal yeast infections that absolutely no medicines have been able to control. Things are better on the diet, but still not great. Yesterday I was having some weird white-ish discharge and vaginal redness, and had that a few days before too. I can use coconut oil down there to keep it at bay, but it’s still a constant struggle.

    Anyway, I recognized and have said that all of these problems started after a course of antibiotics, which gave me a YI (even though I never, EVER got YIs before). Seemed normal based on what I read, except now I still am having problems despite treatment galore. What I realized, however, is that at the very same time as I was on antibiotics, I went and got a flu shot. I am now learning about heavy metals and some of the potential dangers of flu shots, and how they have a lot of mercury. The timing is certainly appropriate to cause me problem, unless it is literally just from the antibiotics. Either way, I would like to do a cleansing of metals from my body. I do have one dental filling, but it has never caused me problems…if I do have a heavy metal issue, it is clearly because of the flu shot because I’ve been fine for 15 with NO problems until that time. Also, at the same time my yeast problem started, I started getting some MS like symptoms (like 2-3 weeks after the flu shot and antibiotic treatment)…symptoms of fatigue, dizzy, tingling, vision issues, etc. All tests for MS have proved negative — Lumbar Puncture and 2 MRIs.

    Anyone have any thoughts? I’ve read about Chlorella and Spuirulina. Thoughts?


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    If I were going to do a heavy metal detox, I would definitely use Spirulina and Chlorella. Plus, the proteins in spirulina are effective in inhibiting Candida albicans in the intestines, so this should also help you with the YI. Another advantage is that they will both help to rebuild the immune system.



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    Thats great! Thanks Able I’ll definitely look into getting some


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    Hello yisucks,

    I talked to my naturopath at length about chelation last night and candida related issues. He stated that people who have candida issues with their reproduction organs likely have candida in their kidneys, so I would examine healing your kidneys as a way to bring immediate relief.

    Additionally, if you begin chelation when your pH is not neutral (either acidic or alkaline) this can cause problems and make your symptoms worse. Only start chelation once your pH is neutral in his opinion. You will need to further monitor your pH as you begin a chelation protocol weekly. You also will need minerals before, during, and after chelation because chelation not only removes the bad metals but the good ones as well.

    On a side note: I believe we all have been poisoned by western medicine in one way or another by taking antibiotics, unnecessary flu shots (no one gets the flu, they get the cold!), ingesting fluoride, eating GMO foods, etc. I personally believe that likely a combination of all of the above plus poor digestion brought about our issues. The chemical industry has never tested the effects of any chemical on humans, and the medical industry does not disclose the ingredients to their medications, shots, etc.


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