Is my eczema from candida?

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    The absolute worst symptom I’m having is eczema on nearly all my body.
    Also have some constipation and feel tired a lot.
    I’ve seen the yeast in my stool.
    Is my eczema likely caused by candida overgrowth? And if I get rid of that I will no longer have eczema symptoms?


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    There is definitely a relationship between intestinal infections like Candida overgrowth and skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. I’m not sure there’s any way to test that on a person-by-person basis. But the low sugar candida diet should certainly help with your eczema, whether it is caused by yeast or not.


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    Many causes of eczema but in general I would attribute it to being toxic and liver not detoxing properly thus you detox via another method (ie skin).


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    It could be. Try anti Candida diet for 3 months and see if it improves.

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