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    Hello, I am just about to start my candida war. I have been taking vitamin C for 2 weeks (started with 3000mg/day, now just a maintenance dose of 1000mg/day) and also 250mg milk thistle twice a day for two weeks, and I have also been drinking kefir milk now and then. My antifungal, Thorne SF722 just arrived today in the mail and I’m planning to use it today. However, I’m not able to get my hands on Molybdenum in my country. So my question is, is it really necessary? I have milk thistle and also L-glutamine. Is that enough to protect the liver/kidney when taken with SF722? I’m planning to take SF722 twice a day, starting with one pill/intake. I don’t really want to wait to order Molybdenum as it will take 2-3 weeks.


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    It’s all about supporting your body as much as possible as it processes the candida toxins. Molybdenum is a great option but it’s not the only one. Milk thistle is fantastic too, and so is NAC.

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