is it ok if i chew the diflucan pill instead of swallowing it?

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    i know this site is for natural cures,but i was going to try diflucan and nystatin first and if those two don’t work i will try the diet. but i was wondering to those who have taken diflucan does it matter if you chew it and swallow instead of swallowing it whole? i have a very hard time swallowing pills and with this lump feeling in my throat because of candida that just makes it harder. have any of you that tried diflucan chew it?


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    The drug only acts as an anti-fungal, which everyone takes on the diet, as well. Essentially you’d be doing the equivalent of taking coconut oil, oil of oregano (the natural anti-fungals recommended here) etc, while still eating whatever you like and doing nothing to improve your gut ecology with probiotics, with the added problem that your anti-fungal happens to be a synthetic toxin with it’s own side-effects.

    The reason so many people are unhealthy nowadays is because they treat their bodies however they want and then expect to pop a magic bullet to make it better when it fails them. This mindset is worth hundreds of billions for the pharmaceutical industry, but for us, it means more suffering and degenerative disease, in addition to being out-of-pocket.

    You can try the drugs, but at the very least you should avoid sugar and starch as much as possible and take a probiotic, which can include organic Greek yoghurt, kefir and high-strength supplement forms. If you’re eating a candy bar after taking a pill, the candida isn’t going to mind one bit.


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    Agree with everything Javizy said above.

    To your question, though, I recently did a course of Diflucan, and I let the pills dissolve in my mouth and swished around before swallowing (hoping to get rid of tongue coating), and I didn’t encounter any bad reactions aside from the bad taste.


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    Taking an antifungal and low grade probiotic are not the solutions to dealing with the overgrowth only; it is best to do the diet and curing yourself over a long period of time. It can take as long as 6-18 months or longer to fully recover from candida overgrowth. I have not met anyone who has cured themselves in weeks not doing the diet and taking diflucan/nystatin.


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