Is it normal for symptoms to worsen before they get better?

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    I’ve been on the strict diet for 6 weeks now and I know this process takes a while but it seems that one of my symptoms has actually gotten worse…I suffered from chronic yeast infections for several years but they were usually mild (very little discomfort) with flare ups (1 per 1-2 months) that I would treat. Now it seems as though I have gotten a flare up, which to me seems unusual considering all I have been doing. So I’m wondering if this is typical to have some (or all) your symptoms worsen before they start getting better or am I doing something wrong!

    As mentioned I am following the strict diet, mix of veggies at every meal (mostly organic), organic eggs and fish/organic chicken only 2x/week. I am eating coconut bread, organic coconut milk (nothing else added) and coconut. I have also added Bob’s red mill oat bran. I started adding anti-fungals and probiotics as the protocol recommended.

    Anti-fungals: SF722 300mg/day (for 2 wks now)
    Virgin Coconut oil (for 4 wks now) 7-8 tsp/day and continuing to increase
    These are taken with meals and I try and avoid taking them close to my probiotics

    Probiotics: Homemade kefir ~ 1 cup/ day in the morning
    Greek yogurt (store bought) ~ 1/2 c./day

    I was taking Renew Life Ultimate Flora (50 bill – 10 strains) + Inno Vite L.acidophilus DDS-1 (5 billion) as I couldn’t find probiotics with DDS.
    The Renew life recently ran out and all I could find was a 24 bill – 12 strains so I am taking the double amount due to the low count + the DDS-1 still.
    I ordered some MegaFlora by MegaFood (50 bill – 14 strains)which I will be switching to when I have been two wks on the other probiotic.

    I am taking most of the recommended vitamins and minerals:
    Vitamin C ~ 3000mg/day
    Biotin – was taking 1000mcg 2x /day and just went down to 500mcg

    I have been taking an iron supplement that has lactoferrin in it but I recently read it has to actually be apo-lactoferin which I couldn’t find locally. I am willing to order it if this is crucial in the treatment.
    Vitamin E, D3, A as recommended and a mineral that has selenium in it.
    I was careful to make sure all my supplements don’t have sugar or starches in them.

    Milk Thistle (with 80% sylimarine)500mg/day
    Molybdenum recently went down to 250mg / day as I started feeling less die-off symptoms.

    Bitters with every meal and HCL Betaine for digestion.

    Also taking L-Glutamate as I’m pretty sure i have leaky gut. Acacia gum, inulin, Chia seeds and magnesium citrate to help keep me regular.

    Most of my digestion issues have gotten better but this Yeast infection flare up worries me.

    I know there’s a lot of info but figured if I lay it all out there it would be easier to figure out if I am missing something.

    Thank you to all who respond.


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    Yes, It’s completely normal.


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    I agree because I have been feeling pretty lousy lately again, and I think it is just my body causing a lot of die-off at the moment. For the past week, I added my probiotic, megaflora as I have never taken a probiotic religious before after eating mainly veggies for a couple weeks. Plus, I am taken a few anti-fungals. I know my stomach has neccesary bothered me; it is my intestines; I feel sort of bloated, but mainly it is just the feeling of gas or having to go to the bathroom a lot lately because my body is trying to expel the toxins.


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    As stated above, it’s completely normal. I went from feeling terrible to feeling reeeally terrible when I first started the diet :p it gets better later on, I promise, just stick to it.


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    The toxins released by candida make you feel worse than when the candida was thriving and not dying, so its rather normal. If you search the forum you can likely find close to 1000 posts on this happening.



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    Did sf722 ever give you liver discomfort/other side effects?


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    I never had any problems with SF722 because I did 4 months of antifungals before starting to take it. I started out at 3 drops per day of GSE/oregano oil and worked myself up to 20-30 drops 2-3x per day before starting SF722 regularly.


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