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    Hello all,

    I have all the typical symptoms of a candida overgrowth and have done for years. One symptoms that has come recently and with vengeance is this weird white powder on my palms and fingers, it started on one hand between the fingers and slowly spread to the fingers and palms and now is on both hands. It looks like my hands are covered in powder, they are not tight, do not bleed, not sore in the slightest and in essence feel like normal hands apart from this white coating. I keep thinking it my be dry skin but I don’t seem to have the symptoms for this, my skin does not peel and I’m getting so frustrated with it every day.

    I have a picture but can’t seem to see where to upload it

    if anyone can help that would be very appreciated


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    Your hand’s problem could be caused by your overwashing them with soap and water, or because of a chemical like flouride and chlorine. You can get rid of this by applying coconut oil to your affected area after showering. And, regularly moisturize your skin to help it heal faster. Candida symptoms appear as rashes that cause redness and intense itching. Often, they causes the skin to become cracked and sore. Blisters and pustules may also occur. This infection is easy to treat and Fugacil cream can help get rid of symptoms in a few days. But from your description, I think that it isn’t a candida infection.

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