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    I eat brown rice once a day (lunch) with vegetables and and meat or eggs. And at dinner just vegetables and meat. Am i doing ok? I mean Is brown rice once a day ok?




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    Replace rice with eggs or buckwheat if you can. It is not recommended. I noticed a big improvement after stopping it! Do not try quinoa!


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    I think it depends on which diet you’re following and if you can tolerate grains or not.

    No grains is probably best (but come on now, how perfect are we really at following this strict of diet?!), but personally I’ve had to have some here and there to stay sane. Another diet I’ve been following allows one serving of ‘limit’ grains per day (low glycemic), which includes amaranth, wild rice, quinoa, and teff, and one additional serving of high glycemic grains including rice and millet. You can only have the high glycemic grains, however, if you aren’t having any other limit foods that day. It can be a confusing system but I love their food list for meal planning, grocery shopping, etc. Whenever I’m unsure if a food is candida-safe, I just check that list.

    It can be found here:


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    linny wrote:

    The site names organic mayonnaise as a ‘limited’ food on the diet. I’m assuming that ‘limited’ means that a person can eat it occasionally. If so, makers of organic mayonnaise, even though it’s organic, do not use apple cider vinegar but instead continue to use distilled white vinegar as well as honey or cane juice, none of which should be eaten on a Candida diet.


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