Is an alkaline BODY,not an alkaline TUMMY, the answer?

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    When the body is slightly alkaline, the acid produced by cellular waste processes are eliminated efficiently and a balanced body ph is the result.
    AN acidic environment in lymph and blood causes organs to decline and fry, teeth go bad and the lymph thickens and stagnates.

    There is a prevalent concept that alkalizing the body causes the candida to get worse,and on this website it basically says just that,even after it explains the intestines should be acidic (it goes on to say to feed the body in a way not to alkalize it).

    Just so that you know that I am being specific about where the body should and should not be alkaline, here: is the simplest way I have understood it.

    With this said, Lisa goes on to say that it is the intestinal part of the body that candida needs alkaline to thrive fungally, and I think it might be a mistake to have assumed the whole body benefits by being more acidic with a fungal infection.

    Sure, without good bacteria acidifying the intestines and not enough digestive acid the atmosphere is perfect for candida, but it may be a mistake to omit fruit and alkalizing foods out of fear that the intestines wont be acidic enough.

    The S.A.D diet is very acidic and some have blamed it for their candida being inflamed, but this goes against the concept that alkalinity inflames it.

    Its just the intestines we have to acidify, not the entire body chemistry,or else our bodies natural detoxification routes suffer.

    I think this may be the reason so many feel worse after having started the diet.
    There is bad die-off in the beginning, which is good, and then more issues join the party because a low-carb high protein diet always acidifies and dehydrates the body due to the over-exertion of the kidneys,ect.

    Just thinking out loud here…ignore if its too repetitious .

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