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    I know it may be somewhat self-defeating during a cleanse, but I was just wondering how much alcohol I can safely consume. I saw an earlier post stating that alcohol was not actually converted into harmful sugars when it’s metabolized, so I thought it might be okay to go out tonight.



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    I don’t think anyone here on the forum would recommend it. You’d set yourself back to square one.


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    I think this message posted by ‘LucyLu’ back in December should answer all of your questions concerning alcohol and Candida.

    “So was out for a meal on Thursday night. Totally stuck to the diet (food wise) but chanced a half glass of dry white wine…
    Saturday night some friends called over with a bottle of wine and thought what the heck, I’m fine with 1 glass!! So had one.
    BUT by sunday morning my hands started to crack and bleed… I got a big sore beside my mouth, 2 on my finger and a huge weeping sore on my leg. And my face had a scaly prickly rash. By last night my face, the backs of my hands and up my under arms were covered in a dark red raised rash and I looked awful – pale, sunken dark eyes, all blotchy.”

    (thanks, Luce)


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    Researchers have found a link between alcohol consumption and increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut) as well. According to one group of scientists, alcohol is one of the most irritating substances to the probiotics in the intestinal lining, and you’re probably already more than aware about its effects on the liver. A healthy person might be able to “take the hit”, but if you’re someone trying to repopulate your gut flora, heal your GI tract and flush toxins out of your system, alcohol is probably going to undo a lot of progress you’ve already made.


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    And if you really cant quit drinking, I have found that the body handles vodka waaaay better then beer or whisky. I actually did okay for a while on vodka. Sober now for a couple of months though. It is too easy to drink too much on the diet, since alcohol is a kind of sugar. Your body will scream for it.


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    Please don’t be tempted to drink during your cleanse… it just won’t be a cleanse at then will it?!! As you can see from Ables post where he quoted me (thanks for that mate, why am I always the naughty girl who’s used as an example?!!) I drank wine at 6 weeks. Up until that point I’d been exclusive to the point of OCD on the cleanse, the diet, the antifungals, the oil pulling, the vitamin & mineral supplements, the saunas… So I though at 6 weeks I was ready for a cheat but I was very wrong. It set me back for about a month and it took me ages to get back to the same point in my progress physically and it was a huge blow mentally as well. I got quite down on myself there for a while.

    That said… I tried again at 9 weeks on New Year Eve (because I was thinking sod it I’m still back at square one, I’m wasting my time here!) and lo & behold the reaction wasn’t nearly as extreme. I still felt exhausted and hungover for nearly a week and had only had about 5 weak spritzers (about 2 full glass of white wine in total) and a glass of bubbly at midnight.

    I then didn’t drink again til 11 weeks and that was 1 very weak spritzer (1/3 glass white wine) and have build up to just over a glass worth now… just once a week. I also take extra liver detox supps (milk thistle, dandelion root) that morning, that night after the wine and the following morning… as well as extra lemon tea before & after.

    I’m away for the weekend next weekend and plan to have a couple Fri & Sat night so that’ll be the first time I’ll be drinking 2 nights in a row… If I live to tell the tale I’ll let you know how I get on! Although it’ll be difficult to seperate the effects of the wine from the food because I’ll also be dining out 3 meals a day over 3 days.

    Be strong! You can do this and it’ll ve more than worth it in the long run!


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