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    I am on day three of a 7 day cleansing fast at the beginning of a candida diet.
    This includes: psyllium powder,bentonite,capriol x3/day plus vegetable broth x3/day
    plus detox drink once a day. I am beginning to experience fast, irregular heartbeat,difficulty in raising my arms, extreme weakness. Is this dangerous?


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    Can somebody help please, I’m feeling the same too. I also feel numb in my legs and arms, and I hardly have any strength to walk.
    And I do not have any bowel movement yet, I’ve tried brown rice suggested from other thread, but it doesn’t work.


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    You should definitely stop the cleanse and eat if you are having these symptoms. If they persist contact your physician right away.
    Perhaps you are better off doing the diet slowly starting with foods to avoid.
    Good luck!

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