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    Has anybody else noticed while on this diet the amount of unhealthy junk people eat on a consistent basis? I guess when you start eating healthy you seem to notice these things a little more. Just sitting in the cafeteria at I work I have noticed how people wander aimlessly past the sald bar and right over to the grill for the daily double cheeseburger. Or the famous one slice of bologna on white bread with a side of cheetos and dr pepper. I would say its reached epidemic proportions. I rarely see anyone with healthy food either purchsed there or from home. No wonder we are the sickest, laziest, fattest country in the world.

    Another favorite of mine is the annual “food drive”. I would hardly call 99% of the items donated to the needy “food”. Instead of actually helping the poor with actual nutrition I see crates filled with items such as Ramen noodles, Fritos, and Fruit Snacks. How is feeding needy children absolute garbage helping anything? I guess being on a healthy diet has put thigs in perspective a little. Has anyone else had similiar observations?


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    So true… Life today makes it difficult to make good choices. Eating right takes more time and money,when you add people that don’t understand… it can be overwhelming. While I’ve been dealing with this on and off for years, the symptoms are getting worse. I’ve been chronically itchy since November. I don’t sleep, I feel like a freak, so very uncomfortable in my skin. I look people when I’m out and wonder if they would make the same food choices if they had to be in my shoes.


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    I agree, my stomach turns when I watch people eat junk food. That is why i think alot of Americans have candida and don’t even know it. With this diet of processed food and sugar. I have been on diet for 5 months now, pretty hardcore. I am just now getting to the point where I can start adding a bit back in. However many of the habits I have created, I wont change. It will be the small stuff like teriyaki sauce (since tired of same flavors I have been eating for diet) or fruit that I will eat again. I read the labels and it grosses me out how much sugar is in everything.


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    Yea, just today at work in an 8 hour shift the girl sitting next to me ate a vendor machine “Danish”, a processed frozen dinner, a bag of cheetos, and 2 sodas. This is just what I noticed! A few months ago, before the candida spread to my mouth making ignoring it impossible, I was watching that BBC show “You are what you eat” and that really started opening my eyes. For several weeks I followed a close diet, but then ran out of work and money was hard to get so, I slowly had to go back to non organic and more processed items. WOW, how quickly things went down hill, now I have the oral thrush very badly and am on my 5th course of Nystatin and also on the pill meds. I have only recently realized that almost everything I was doing was wrong outside of the meds. I am feeling the brain fog lift and am generally improving. I am so glad I found this website with the recipes as the 1st site I found was extremely limited with seasonings etc. And as I had to quit smoking too the sugar cravings were really killing me. LOL, I feel hopeful and am truely appreciative of this wesite and forum.

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