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    Great to make if you happen to have left over squeezed limes and kefir cheese.


    about 4 tsps of ground up equal amounts brazil nuts and almonds(I make this in advance and save what is left over in a glass jar to use in future recipes)
    1 tsp carob powder
    1 tsp coconut oil
    stevia to taste

    3 squeezed limes
    1/8 cup of kefir cheese (make by draining kefir milk through plastic strainer)
    Natural yoghurt (about 1/2 a tablespoon)
    tbsp Vegeset
    stevia to taste

    Put the ingredients for the base in a small glass dessert dish and melt in microwave at low heat. Press nuts down to form a firm base and leave in freezer for about 20 mins to set.

    Grate zest of limes into kefir mixture (and whatever juice is left in limes). Add yoghurt, vegeset and stevia to taste. Spoon mixture on top of nut base and leave in the freezer for about about hour or so. Delicious eaten chilled. (You can make this quite sweet as the fresh lime favour hides the aftertaste)

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