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    This is intense. I have been wanting to do a cleanse for the longest time but often midway through I just can’t take it and quit. I have don’t water fasts in the past and the longest I went was about 5 days. At first I was happy that I came across the website and finally found a plan that was laid out and seemed well put together. Now after reading the posts in the forums I see this is not the case. I am on my second day of the detox (no colonic) and i bought the Husk powder and Bentonite powder. As a matter of fact I just drank the sites detox drink about an hour ago. Imagine my surprise when I just found out this isn’t good at all.
    The reason for my wanting to do the Candida cleanse is because for the last 4 months I have been suffering from nail fungus. Dr’s don’t know what it is and tests prove pointless. I was prescribed heavy anti-biotics but never take them. I hate taking medicine and know how the anti-biotics will kill the good bacteria. I can’t lie my eating habits are bad, worse before but still bad. I know that I have yeast issues because months back I was told by a professional as I was on a course of colonic treatments.
    Following a plan/routine is easy for me (being a military brat), it’s just formulating one that becomes frustrating. The website says this, the forum says that etc. Has anyone out there constructed their own plan using the info from the forum? I am currently going through about 20 topic posts and I fear that I am in over my head.


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    Hello David,

    I once felt this way as well not too long ago. There is a lot of information, some of being conflicting…

    I recommend trying to visit a naturopathic doctor to see what kind of plan they come up with. They can tell you all the information you need to know and what the plan is in terms of getting over this. Remember, naturopathic doctors come in many different shapes and forms (like the colors of a rainbow), so a good one is what matters most.

    However, the members of the forum can come up with a plan for you if you want. There are certain supplements and food items that work better than others in the diet.

    Also, the psyllium husk “cleanse” isn’t generally recommended because of many damagin side effects. I suggest just going for the diet and this is the best way to heal.

    Its good you never took the anti-biotics because this can make the candida worse and is one of the biggest factors in causing health problems. Probiotics would be a much better alternative that you should look into.

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