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    My name is Hannah. I’m 22 and have literally about every single thing that Candida can cause. I have been ‘ill’ for 4 years, after my first pregnancy. I almost died basically during my other two after that and my husband and I know that if I don’t find out why I’m always so ill and have developed sensitivities to some foods, we will never have another child. I hope no one judges me on the three kids thing because I’m in Nursing school and he has a great job, I don’t just pop out babies for the heck of it, ha. But seriously, I am for the first time, 100% positive that I have found out what’s wrong with me.. Candida..

    I have just started today taking Probiotics and the Cadigone Cleanse.. I took my first dose this afternoon and right now it feels like all my symptoms came on at once, and got worse. I am in need of either some advice, some motivation, or both. I feel like I can’t deal with these side effects but I hear that it’s the ‘die-off’ effect of the cleanse and that it means it’s working.. I’m afraid to take another dose before I go to bed tonight because I feel like I’ll die or something (I’ve been sick for so many years with drs telling me I’m not sick, that I get worried about taking anything because I never knew what I was going to get sick from) I noticed that sugar does make me more sick, so does bread. I don’t believe I am just suffering from Ciliac Disease or something else, I believe it’s Candida.. I have so many of the symptoms but there is SO MUCH advice and info on Google that I’m becoming frustrated and confused.

    Can someone please walk me through a good plan or point me in the right direction.. and motivate me with this cleanse 🙁 Thanks!


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    Stop what you are doing, would be my advice.
    The reason you should stop is that you are further stressing out your eliminatory organs by killing off more candida and you first need to support your liver, so that you don’t do damage to it. The protocol has all the info, but the very first thing you want to do is to spend three days giving your liver supportive supplements — chelated molybdenum, nettle leaf extract and milk thistle extract. Once you’ve started helping out your liver, you can begin the dietary changes that will begin killing candida off, then the anti-fungals, and finally the probiotics. Don’t leap into anything without supporting your body. It’s already stressed by trying to process the excretions of the candida in you as they live and die. Once you start killing them off, those excretions multiply dramatically and you can make yourself much sicker. Not necessary to do that and potentially harmful.
    Good luck,


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    I echo what sue said.

    Many of us have made the mistake of overdoing it in the beginning but I especially warn against doing that for you with your health being so fragile right now by the sounds of it.

    Stop what you are doing and read the protocol first.

    Then if you have any questions after, everyone can help you further.


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    If you want to read about it, there are books written on the subject by MDs — “The Missing Diagnosis” by Orian Truss, “The Yeast Connection” by William Crook, and “The Yeast Syndrome” by John Trowbridge. All can be obtained on Amazon for not much money.


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    Seems like you are trying to do everything at once.
    Normally, you should start with a cleanse for a few days and then build up what you can eat. Probiotics and antifungals should not be taken for the first few weeks, since it can put too much pressure on your body (especially your liver). Follow the advice and strict diet from Able.

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