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    I was wondering if there was really a HUGE benefit of eating all organics? I am a broke college student and buying all veggies and foods that are less processed than ramen (and other typical college foods) is already a financial struggle. I am being really good about sticking to the diet because I have a lot of candida issues, but is it really all that important that everything is organic, like most recipes I read call for? I wish I could afford to eat all organic but I still have to pay for two more years of college!


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    The key is how organic foods have been grown by the farmers. One major factor why organic foods (ie veggies and fruits) are being recommended is that No pesticides had been used in growing the plants. That means, No chemical, No toxins. 🙂


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    That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.


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    I am doing the diet without buying organic. I also simply can’t afford to and its completely understandable why as the food is twice as much mostly everywhere.

    Unfortunately I’m not sure if this will make our really recovery longer or if it completely hinder it. I think it may have to do with why we have candida & I’m more scared of the antibiotics in chicken than the pesticides in veggies. I’m trying to buy halal chicken or organic. Halal is not organic just kosher.

    One thing we both can do is try to buy organic meat at least sometimes. And double the probiotics like if it says take one take 2 or 3 a day but this is also expensive. I think buying eggs and meat organic is more important but I don’t always do this.

    Lets see if we get better doing this and then we can prove it may b best but not necessary. I understand how horrible gmos are and believe me I’m f- ing. Pissd this shits in our food! I don’t want to eat gmos I don’t have a choice.


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    i posted links to this information before for hope4eva77, but here’s a concise form. if you don’t buy entirely organic but can buy SOME things organics, this is a guideline for what’s more important, in terms of pesticides.

    also, the only genetically modified food items currently on the market for human consumption in the US are corn, soy, canola, cottonseed oil, papaya, zucchini, sugar beets, and pineapple, to the best of my knowledge. zucchini is the only one of these that is allowed in any amount on the candida diet, so if you’re concerned about gmo’s specifically, choose organic zucchini. by and large, the major difference between most organic and non-organic vegetables isn’t genetic modification, but the fact that non-organic vegetables are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides over the course of their growing period. these chemicals tend to be hormone-disrupters, carcinogens, neurotoxins…lots of crazy things. of course, genetically modified crops are typically sprayed with an even greater amount of these chemicals, since they’re often engineered to withstand a higher concentration.

    animals that are consumed as food are fed gmo crops unless specifically stated otherwise. the chemicals accrue in their fatty tissues and are passed on to you when you choose to eat their flesh. as hope points out, they’re also often fed antibiotics to keep them alive in crowded concentrated feeding operations. ammonia is used to “wash” the body after the animal is slaughtered, to disinfect the carcass from bacteria and viruses it picked up in the slaughterhouse. antibiotics in meat will destroy beneficial bacteria in your gut, and ammonia (according to able900) creates a hospitable environment for candida.

    it might behoove you to try to get ebt/food stamps. it sounds like you’re probably income-eligible. work is slow for me these days, and i’ve been considering it. organic food bills really do pile up!


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    EBT has literally saved my life by allowing me to have extra food money for all my special food needs. I only have part-time work, so it’s been such a godsend.


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    The way hubby and I split bills he pays 4 food but wont buy all my veggies since I have to go to store every few days for fresh, we go once every two wks and he will buy me then but the rest I have to myself.

    We make to much for stamps, there are other factors why we can’t afford organic , are bills are high, I am part time right now ext.

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