I'm so nearly there…this is going to be the biggest achievement of my life!

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    Hi everyone

    I am so tantalisingly close to being fully cured that it feels like it’s just days away. After months of low carb, low grain, no dairy, no gluten, little alcohol, I have managed to get my candida levels down significantly. I’ve done this mostly through nystatin/curcumin enemas every day or every other day. Once I started to see noticeably less candida (at the start I was seeing 10-20 inch strings of fungus every day), I then introduced high dose probiotic and prebiotic sources into my diet and this has paid off massively. Over the course of only 2 weeks, I’ve worked my way up to 2 x tsp of lactulose twice per day as well as fiber supplements (acacia gum, larch arabinogalactan, psyllium husk, PHGG, resistant starch) 3 x per day in increasing doses and all of a sudden i’m having proper, brown, well formed bowel movements every day. This is in comparison to the yellow, mushy, cowpat style bowel movements that have plagued me for 7 years. This is no exaggeration. The change is unbelievable and there was a time I thought this wasn’t possible.

    The prebiotics are reshaping my gut bacteria, which are now proliferating and producing high amounts of lactic acid, butyrate and other short chain fatty acids. This is creating a more acidic environment in my gut favourable to good bacteria and disfavouring candida rhizomes that are now converting back into a harmless yeast form. My experience at the start of this phase was unsettling because the drastic change in your gut’s environment brings with it a number of unpleasant and uneasy symptoms similar to life with candida. Basically, prebiotics can make you temporarily more symptomatic, constipated, bloated, itchy, tingly etc. as this change takes place. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight.

    I think one of the most important things to take away from this experience and pass onto sufferers is that although you gradually feel better as you kill off candida in the initial kill phase, you’ll likely not reach a stage where you feel truly symptom-free until you boost the good gut bacteria sufficiently and fix the underlying dysbiosis. I suspect sufferers stay on the kill phase longer than necessary expecting to eventually wake up feeling symptom-free. In my experience, this is not the case. I think it’s only when you restore normal and healthy bacteria levels in the gut that your immune system fully restores and you reach a full and sustained cure with no symptoms.


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    Hi Rob,

    I have been following your posts with interest. How are your symptoms now?

    I have been using enemas for about three weeks but have not really progressed, did it take some time for you to progress?


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    Rob, can you please reply to me? I’m fascinated by what you wrote.

    Can u please xplain how you performed the nystatin enemas? I’m about to start them.

    Also, I agree that the sufferer (me) will probably not feel better until the new probiotics have been introduced as well. Simply killing off the candida probably isn’t enough. I haven’t taken Nystatin yet; I will get some from my doctor on Monday! Help me, please! I’ve also ordered probiotics and am expecting those in the mail as well.


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    He’s gone. Enjoying life now. Thanks for the post. I’m very close too and down to my last 3 symptoms. I concur with what he said. After you do your die-off phase (your antifungals, enzymes) you have to do a bacteria building phase (S. Bouldarii etc).


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    Where is this S. Bouldarii, thanks. I live in UK but hopefully i will find one do you have link even if US.


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    Hello everyone, I’m new in here and living in a different country so sorry in advance for my bad english.
    I have a question about nystatin enema, well when we do nystatin enema, it only reaches large intestine and the enema is potentially absorbed by large intestine but it doesn’t targe/reach to the small intestine.
    So if there is an overgrowth fungal in “the small intestine” how does the nystatin enema eliminate candida in small intestine?


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    Well obviously taking Nystatin by mouth will take care of candida in the small intestine.
    Enemas were brought about in the first place because taking Nystatin by mouth won’t reach the colon.
    Nobody has ever complained of Nystatin not reaching the small întestine, because that’s what it does best when ingested orally.


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    I didn’t know that, thank you so much @whitetrash

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