I'm 17…and I believe I am suffering from Candida.

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    TMI WARNING…and a possibly long story up ahead heh..

    Since the beginning of puberty I’ve had frequent infections down yonder,mainly yeast. I’ve had the other infection (BV) eradicated, and the yeast seemed to go away until last weekend when it began creeping back.
    Anyways, that’s one symptom of the yeasties. I had to take amoxicillin last September for an abscess, and that, I believe is where candida got a foothold in my system. I’ve had a white persistent tongue ever since, with bad breath, (at least to me), dry skin that seems to be getting drier every day, and cracks in my heels, which may have started due to a bath mat and a vacation in Texas with my feet exposed too often..
    Those are all the symptoms I have but they’ve taken a toll on both my mental and emotional health. I always keep a safe distance between myself and others when I talk because I don’t want them coming upon my breath, my vaginal immunity never stays immune for long…it’s always depressing seeing other kids with pink healthy tongues and I’m stuck with the white crap from hell.

    *I don’t have any digestive issues or allergies.
    * Taken Diflucan which works temporarily, and Nystatin did nothing, so I stopped using it. It made the oral thrush worst.
    * I’ve taken two antibiotics orally within the past seven months(were necessary).
    * After taking amoxicillin(September) I’ve taken Probiotics from Jarrow Formulas,up until December when I ran out(courtesy of my cousin who also suffered from yeast)
    * I have tried oil pulling with coconut oil which temporarily works. I find that taking a tablespoon of coconut oil a day helps diminish the coating on my tongue over time, but I haven’t had any worsening of symptoms except for yeast infections. Thank Goodness it’s not full blown though, just itching
    * I am taking Women’s One Rainbow Light food based multivitamin.
    * Vitamin C tabs
    * 100 million count acidophilus probiotics, which is all I can afford for now.

    I am about to buy Candigone…but the diet part has me worried because my dad really isn’t the type of person I can talk to about using the natural approach of healing myself (he constantly says go to the doctor but obviously that isn’t working, and he complains about spending money on co-pays).
    * Are there any easy recipes I can make that don’t break the Candida diet or my dad’s wallet?

    Sorry it’s so long but I’m going mad! I’m too young to be going through all this. I forgot what my tongue looked like prior to Candida.

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