If you had Candida overgrowth, would you have fast bad reaction to certain foods?

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    Okay I’m honestly not 100% sure if I have a candida overgrowth or not, however, I can say that being on this diet has helped me feel normal and not out of it and weak. I noticed something very interesting though that just happened.

    So I woke up today feeling great. I ate some eggs, some veggies, some yogurt, and then some fish for lunch. Still great. Then I ate some walnuts..

    Then out of no where my body feels super fatigued and I have weird brain fog BAD. Does this sound like something that candida overgrowth would cause? I know some people said have walnuts, but this happened maybe 10 minutes after eating them then I got the brain fog and weak body attack. I know some said peel the outside of them so maybe this is why it happened. Also, I didn’t soak them in water, so this may have been a factor as well..

    But does this happen with people who have candida overgrowth? Concerned I might have some other weird food issue going on.. (btw this only has started happening recently, I haven’t always been like this)


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    I am also very sensitive to food, not sure if this is due to the candida or other issues. I do know that I am allergic to wheat, so if I happen to have this (which I know I should avoid due to candida), I do notice it very quickly. I am also very sensitive to sugar, even the slightest amounts makes me lighted headed, brain fog, etc.

    Curious like you, if this is candida side effects or something else.


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    You could have food sensitivities in addition to the candida (if you have it). I know I do. The immediate reaction makes me think it’s probably a food sensitivity.


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    Many people with candida are also sensitive to moldy foods. Walnuts are a moldy food! That’s why the recommendation is to soak nuts, especially walnuts. You might be better off sticking to sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, macadamia nuts, and almonds. Those are all much less moldy than walnuts, cashews, and pecans. The worst moldy nuts are peanuts and pistachios. Hope it helps!

    Oh, and yes, the reaction could be very quick. Food/mold sensitivities can be noticeable anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 days after you actually eat the food.

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