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    I’m wondering if someone out there can give me any advice as to determining the root cause of my candida infection. Any tests to order, symptoms to consider — and do candida symptoms ever signify a different cause or way of healing?

    I have been doing a vegan version of the diet that is high in fat. I am trying to eat more sprouted seeds, coconut and avocado instead of so many nuts, though I do soak them. I had a setback about three months in after trying to introduce an extra serving of grain (plus black rice) to my diet. Long story short, it didn’t take, and my remaining symptoms are only now starting to fade away (I have been suffering from chronic genital yeast infections since March). The full-blown infection now clears within reasonable time, and I’ve yet to have one in weeks, but still suffer chronic burning/itching externally.

    I am getting a bit impatient. While I am glad that the discomfort is SLOWLY starting to fade, overall I am not feeling great. I am also still healing a long, hollow depression that’s been with me since my eating disorder almost three years ago and nothing has really worked.

    I’ve been considering giving a go with low-fat, high-carb raw food smoothies with an emphasis on greens (as promoted by Victoria Boutenko). If I do go this route, I will probably eat nothing but raw and steamed vegetables with small servings of low-glycemic fruits for about a week before I start consuming smoothies prepared with an abundance of low-glycemic fruits. After a week of low GI smoothies is up, I will try higher-glycemic fruits. I feel that with detox/die-off I will need to stick with a month or so before I determine whether or not it’s right for me.


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