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    I’ve benefited from having a Korean wife and been eating lots of brown rice. I thought I’d share my meal ideas. Hope it adds some variety to your meal planning!

    1. Korean KimChi brown rice
    Fry KimChi in coconut oil and serve with brown rice
    Sesame oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds

    2. Korean KimBap with brown rice
    If you get the right rice and get it to stick together it a delicious snack/meal
    Take a while to prepare, but tastes very good. Dip into a little coconut aminos

    3. Fried beef and garlic in lettuce wraps
    With coconut aminos again to dip

    4. Spaghetti bolognaise with soba noodles
    100% buckwheat, King Soba – Vitacost
    Monte Bene low sugar variety. Or Trader Joes do a 1g sugar per serving variety.

    5. Spaghetti Aioli
    Fry in coconut oil. King Soba again

    Hope this helps.

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