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    Hi there,
    I have read that I can get the forum diet from Able when I log in.
    So, I have an account now.
    Could Able please send me the diet?

    I am doing a candida diet from my naturopath.
    By reading here I realized there are a few differences.
    She allows quinoa for example.
    I would rather do the stricter diet honestly.

    Other than that she seems to be knowledgable.
    Right now I do only EVCO and Pau ‘d Arco tea for antifungals.
    Oh yes, and probiotics of course.
    I do the diet only since march 15th.

    Btw. I had constipation for years and my new naturopath gave me the best supplement ever.
    I go one, two or three times a day, yeah!
    If anybody is interested….
    So long, and thank You Able in advance.


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    Hi Silke,
    You can send him a personal message at Able900 through your inbox. That way it’ll get directly to him instead of getting lost on the forum. What’s the supplement for going 3 times a day??


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    Hi Emily,
    I messaged Able, thank You.

    The supplement is called “Aloe 225” by Bio Design.
    I’m supposed to take as many as I need to have one or two BM a day.
    At the moment I take ten, that’s a lot I know.
    But I enjoy to be able to go without Senna tea.

    My naturopath said this is not addictive.
    It is Aloe Ferox.
    I still have to try cheaper Aloe Ferox pills to see if they work just as well.

    Over time I will try to get the dosage down.

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