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    But I’m not sure if I will e able to make it through, but I really need to get this out of my system.

    2 years ago I had a lot of energy and now I am tired all the time. I did have a yeast infection and the doctor gave meds, but it seems like it went away and came back (of course) I’m a minor (16 yrs old) and I just want my energy back. It is actually disrupting my school life. The headaches make me fail tests. It’s weird. I’m depressed all the time too.

    But I don’t have a job to get the foods on my diet. So that’s the major issue. I have some of them in my house now. Is Activia a supported yogurt in this diet?

    Does it seem like the right diet for me at this moment?


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    . You can work towards it. Start by eliminating sugars from your diet. Buy some sweet leaf 100% natural stevia sweetener. I get this http://www.amazon.com/SweetLeaf-Sweetener-70-Count-Packets-2-5-Ounce/dp/B003WO0I6C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1330989718&sr=8-1

    Cost me less than 20 bucks and it will last months. I am still working on my first box of it. I use 1-3 packets a day with my kefir smoothies. That and it really works well to sweeten your stuff. I was skeptical at first but trust me it does the job well.

    Get some water kefir grains
    http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0051WV5K6/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new and the dollar store have mineral water like 1 gallon for a buck. You can make 20 gallons last you months. and use the sugar you already have in your cupboard or buy some. This is a good probiotic to add to your diet.

    Or get the milk kefir grains but milk can get more expensive in the long run. I use raw milk to make mine so I can get the full benefit but that’s 10 bucks a gallon. You can make it with regular 2% and still get the probiotics out of it. With kefir milk, you can use that as a milk substitute in a lot of recipes.

    Go to the bulk food section of your store and you can find oat bran, oat bran flower, coconut flower, buckwheat flower, and quinoa cheaper than the packaged ones. Just make sure they read organic on the labels atop the tubs.
    With this, you can use oat bran, a bit of stevia and have a nice oatmeal type breakfast. Or there is a really good 3 egg buckwheat bread recipe on here that I use all the time. I make it with oat bran flower too.
    Cornish game hens I can find on sale once and awhile 2 for 7-8 bucks. I can also find young free range, no preservatives, hormones whole chicken for around 6-7 bucks at my top foods and Albertsons.
    Start getting used to buying non processed foods and reduce your sugar intake then when you can afford the expensive supplements and probiotics then I say go for it. At least this way, you are working towards it and not just diving in only to find out you can’t afford it and it will not work and then quit.
    The no sugar, no processed food diet alone is good for you in the long run, candida or not.


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    Hello, J, welcome to the forum.

    Is Activia a supported yogurt in this diet?

    Activia contains too much sugar, it’ll only feed the Candida keeping them thriving and prolonging the treatment.

    You say your symptoms are low to no energy.
    Yeast infections go away but return.
    This is actually disrupting life.
    Headaches so bad you fail tests.
    You’re depressed all the time.

    There are probably hundreds of symptoms that can show up during a Candida infestation, and you’ve named a few of those. Are there any other physical problems of any type that you’re experiencing right now? … anything at all, no matter how small it seems.

    Does it seem like the right diet for me at this moment?

    I’d like to see some other symptoms, but the diet isn’t going to hurt you as long as you eat enough to avoid lowering your energy level even more. I don’t think you should do a cleanse since you’re in school at this time. You could just go right into the diet with all the vegetables on the diet and adding (preferably) organic eggs as often as you can eat them, perhaps one piece of chicken or fish once a day, organic if possible, but this isn’t imperative if your family can’t afford it. Just follow the diet with a few changes, such as adding the daily chicken or fish for strength. You can drink pure sugar-free coconut milk for calcium and if you need extra energy during the day (before anyone questions this, I’m aware that it’s not on stage 1 diet, but I’m making a few exceptions because of J’s age and the fact that being just 16, proper growth and weight are necessities and a potential problem if not watched carefully.

    If someone on the forum starts tossing examples of foods and directions left and right with no regard to the confusion you are no doubt experiencing with all of this and not bothering to give you any type of schedule as far as when to do what or when to start what food or supplement, the just ignore it and ask questions on the forum. And there really is a definite schedule that needs to be followed to avoid as much die-off as possible as you certainly don’t need the problem of dye-off while you’re trying to get through the year at school.

    Read the protocol that seems to work for most people on the forum.

    After you’ve read it and understand the exceptions I mentioned above (more chicken and fish than the diet allows for and coconut milk daily), then you can come back and ask all the questions you need to. If we don’t know an answer to a question you have, I guarantee you we’ll find it for you.
    Remember that you don’t have to go precisely by the diet on the forum. If you need extra energy some days for whatever reason, you can add foods such as dried beans which would supply some complex carbohydrates for extra energy. But if I were you I would at least stay away from things such as soda drinks cakes, cookies, ice cream and candy. These are things you really shouldn’t be eating whether you have health problems or not.

    But I don’t have a job to get the foods on my diet. So that’s the major issue.

    I assume you’ve told your mom and dad about your problem, is this correct? Explain the forum to them and that it’s full of people who are experiencing the same thing you are; and there are also people here who have cured or are on the verge of a curing their infestation. These are people that you can trust, in fact, you can trust these people more than you can the average doctor when it comes to curing a Candia infestation because most of them don’t even believe it exists.
    The bottom line is, you’re going to need the support of at least one of your parents as far as your treatment is concerned, whatever it is. You’re going to need their support emotionally as well as finacially in helping you to obtain what you need to cure your infestation.

    Be sure to tell you parents that no one on the forum is trying sell you anything at all. We’ll name the supplements which we use, and you can find them anywhere, in your local health food store or any of hundreds of stores on the internet, but no one on the forum is going to try to sell you so much as a dime’s worth of supplements, or food for that matter, or ebooks; the advice and information are completely free.

    If you would like for me to talk with one or both of your parents, I can do this through email. Let me know if you ask them and agree to do this and I can send you my personal email address.

    Please talk with us some more before you start anything for sure, other than perhaps cutting out the sweet foods I named above.

    Good luck to you, J

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