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    Im mainly raw food vegetarian, except in the winter. Getting enough calories was never an issue before, but after discovering I have Candida, it’s pretty hard. I can only only consume so many nuts without feeling spacey.

    Coconute Oil/Butter does NOT help someone put weight back on, infact all research has proven that it helps you lose weight.
    I’m 5’9, 114 lbs, 34 year old male. I was always around 125-129lbs…till I started losing weight due to this.

    Anyways, does anyone have ideas or recipes that are high in calories?
    Again, I’m a raw foodist/vegetarian, so please keep that in mind.
    Thank you so much,


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    I started having 6 teaspoons of coconut oil daily, and aswell as some coconut butter, and have put on 6 pounds. Worked for me.

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