I haven't lost weight yet, is this usual?

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    I’ve been at this for two weeks now and thought that I would have lost some weight, and yes, I am dissapointed! Whilst I am not on the diet recommended here as I am going by what my nutritionalist has advised, i.e the test I had indicated that I am intolerant to and should avoid wheat, tuna, peanuts, sugar and caffeine (the last two I have not had for about 4 months). However I have also cut out fruit and potatoes and am endevouring to eat more green veg. I do have brown rice, lentils and oats. I feel as if my blood sugar is stabilising, and, despite some occassional odd feelings – which I hope is die-off – I think that my energy levels are coming up slowly.

    I have supplements to support my adrenals, liver and lympth as well as the usual anti fungals and probiotics. My body was very out of balance in many ways and I know that it is going to take time but my impression is that most people lose weight quickly and I would like to get back into some of my clothes as I can;t afford new ones!


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