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    I just thought Id let everyone know candida can be cured !!!! I just had my test results and I have normal levels of candida. I am still low on some of the beneficial bacteria in my large intestine but I am told I have no pathogens and Im so happy. Its been a hard time working on the restricted diet which I stuck to very strictly (building up in strictness Nov – Jan) for about six months, (very strict Nov – April) before easing slightly and I’ve been easing gradually ever since and Im still clear.

    So for everyone out there – there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been told I don’t need to restrict my diet anymore – but obviously I’m not going to lash back into things and I think I will always be cautious of sugar and yeast and fungal related foods. But please be heartened as I understand how difficult it is. I found the journey tough and I was stressed and anxious and when I look back now I think I was attributing anxiety symptoms to die off symptoms. My piece of advice – Dont Obsess, do your thing, do your diet and get on with it and know you will be better. Good luck to you all and well done/ thank you to Able and Raster who are so patient and willing to help everybody on a constant basis.

    My bighopes came true.


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    Do not forget that candida can lie dormant for a period of time and can be very opportunistic in the right environment.



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    How can one be tested clear of candida? How do you know?


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    Which test did you take?


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    I think the best test is how you feel: if you are symptom free and well. And if so, congratulations! Well done. It’s great to hear someone makes it.

    I don’t trust tests that much anymore and rely more on the feedback from the body.
    I have a stool test that states “occurance of yeast: rare” meaning I no longer have Candida overgrowth. But I seem to have a lot of other digestive problems now and I’m feeling a lot worse. I also had a check up colonic last week to see if anything comes out. I was told: “at least you no longer have Candida. Now you are just constipated.”

    Just constipated? well that’s not fun either. Besides all my symptoms that got me started on this treatment are a lot worse by now. So that’s that then.

    If one day my symptoms disappear and I feel healthy again, that’s all the test I will ever need.


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    Chris24 wrote: How can one be tested clear of candida? How do you know?

    Had to reread the post myself. Their test came back “normal levels of candida”.


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    The testing is pretty complicated as far as I’m aware. They remove samples of different microbes from the stool sample and culture them in a lab and then measure the CFU/ml. I don’t think it’s always 100% accurate and the rates probably vary lab to lab, but more than 10^4 CFU/ml was considered significant in this study, which is worth reading if you want to know how candida is measured. There are other interesting tidbits in there, like the fact that 5% of controls had colonisation in the stomach. Even if it isn’t 100% accurate, I’d take it as a great sign along with a reduction in symptoms.


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    Hmm, well its great if its true.
    But my fear is that candida is still in the colon waiting for you to mess up. So be careful.

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