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    I’m 17 (18 in july) I’ve had systemic candida for around 4 years now and can’t really remember what it feels like to not have multiples of problems. I have so many symptoms such as acne, severely bad blood circulation (my hands will still turn purple from being cold even in 20 degrees celsius) yeast infections, depression, anxiety, dandruff and generally just feeling aweful etc the list just goes on and on and they are all constant.

    After not getting any help from doctors ”it’s all the in the head” (haha) I decided to go on a no sugar diet by using information of the internet, I spent a lot of money on products such as threelac, ginger, GSE and oil of oregano with no luck. After 5 months i wasn’t feeling any better/ getting any good nutrition and just started feeling worse and worse until my parents decided i needed to see a nutritionist (which is costing hundreds of pounds)

    I’ve been on a much healthier candida diet now for the last month and a half which incorporates a lot of vitamins etc as well as anti fungals. Despite this i still keep getting these negative feelings that i’m never going to get better. My life is like living in a nightmare, i get no pleasure out of it whatsoever anymore, everyone around me is going out, partying/clubbing, carefree as to what they eat and drink and i just stay home all the time now and barely see my friends as i don’t feel comfortable going out. I used to love skateboarding but due to my blood circulation plus other symptoms i can’t enjoy it anymore. I haven’t had a girlfriend for over 3 years now as i have a yeast infection and i just don’t feel comfortable in my own company let alone with another person. I don’t feel like i can join in and have fun like everyone else everything has to be so serious and strict i feel completely alienated.

    I’m going to university in september and i’m so worried that i won’t get better for then and also that the majority of people will be drinking like crazy and eating really unhealthy i just can’t imagine that i could live like that.

    Has anyone successfully got rid of a deep rooted candida? if so how long did it take you?




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    I’ve been following the forums for a bit now. I’m seeing a Naturopath and have been following a candida diet for about 7 weeks now and am feeling much, much better.

    And yes, I know someone who had a severe candida infection (including 2 hospitalizations and her weight went under 100 lbs). It took her about a year and a half with help from a naturopath and not cheating on her diet and she is well and healthy and eats normally. This was 20 years ago and I know there is much more information available now. So get as much help and information as you can and don’t cheat on your diet (I think this is a huge part of recovery).


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    That’s good to hear that you’re feeling better 🙂
    I think it’s just that it’s such a long process sometimes i get anxious to whether i’m actually getting anywhere,
    it’s great to hear success stories like that, gives me hope, i’m surprised she can eat normally and hasn’t got
    symptoms again (which is great though!)
    Thank you


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    hi tom, i just wanted to say that i know exactly what you are going through. im 2o and the last 3 years have been frustrating for me also – i get the skin rashes/ problems and alot of the time, just dont feel ‘right’ or feel yuk & bloated after eating certain foods. going out with friends to eat out is certainly frustrating when you cant just eat ‘normally’ hey . my biggest thing is staying motivated – im hopeless- ive attempted a number of times to do the diet, and always end up back at square 1. reading this website has inspired me to give it another go and blast it.good luck and i hope you can too.



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    I have just read this Tom and am really sorry to hear you are suffering like this. I am 27, and have had thrush for 5 months so can’t imagine what it must be like for years. I also have a fissure and IBS which is all causing me major problems. I have been to a dietician who has helped me with the IBS so I hope your new diet helps aswell. Are you using any treatments from the doctor? I am on a course of tablets which help ease the symptoms. Have you told your parents how you are feeling? They seem to be very supportive which is great. I think you should, or your doctor. I know how lowering constant health issues can be and am currently undergoing counselling which is helping me, maybe talking to someone may help. With regard to the thrush, have you tried taking a probiotic capsule? You can get them from Holland and Barrett – acidophilus has helped me (until I had to start on the antibiotics again!). Good luck, I really hope you get the help you need 🙂


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    It can take as long as 6-18 months to completely cure candida and if you want to heal faster, I recommend visiting a naturopathic doctor who will put you on better supplements that will help you heal in weeks instead of months.

    Give the diet a few more months and you’ll really see the difference.

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