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    Hi there,
    The possibility of candida was brought to my attention by my new dr who is integrative. I have been dealing with insomnia,acne, severe sinus drainage into my throat and also now I have new cracks at the corners of me mouth which I’m reading can be related to fungus. This is just great.

    I did an elimination diet last fall and my acne and insomnia improved. I got so hungry though that I didn’t reintroduc things gradually and couldn’t figure put what was causing the problems.

    Since then, I have tried to limit sugar and carbs but find myself cheating on occasion. I definitely am eating better than I was prior though. I no longer eat fast food or drink pop.

    I am a 30 something woman with2 young kids and a big house to take care of, a husband, a full time job, a rental property and a business to run. I am also very slender and need to eat pretty frequently, even if just a little. It is very hard to find time to prepare meals, especially when I am hungry. I tend to rely a lot on bananas, smoothies, peanut butter and cashews and larabars to get me through when I’m hungry. Now I gotta get rid of those?! I def need my protein. And the rest of my family eats pretty standard-lots of pizza which I try to avoid.



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    Check out the following posts:




    I also did an elimination diet and I didn’t get better until I started the anti-candida diet followed on the forum. There is ways to eat plenty of great foods but to get it better it will only take time.



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    Amayberry wrote: I don’t know if I can do this

    How long do you think you can continue to do this, “insomnia, acne, severe sinus drainage into my throat and also now I have new cracks at the corners of my mouth”? That doesn’t interfere with your life?

    If you decide you want to do this and need help, the links that Raster posted for you contain the information, and someone is always here to answer your questions or concerns.


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