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    Hello all,
    It has been too much for me. I have 4 years posting in the Candida Forums mostly to help others. There isn’t secret about candida, and since long time I don’t post looking for something to me. It is good to read people testimonies because there is always something to learn, but regarding to treatments, there isn’t too much to learn in my case. I mean someone like me who has been researching it for long time.

    People abuse bombarding with PM. I think this is the reason because Able is almost no showing up in the forum. It is common sense to think people are driving him crazy. I have never left a PM without answer, but that is all. Sometimes, I have 5, 6, 9, and more PM. It is my time and I don’t get pay for it. Be in my position. I am sorry for it.

    People have questioned me about my progress, treatment, and honesty.

    If you have something to ask, ask in the forum, in this way others can benefit of the thread and topic.
    I have left all my experience and knowledge in the forums. Use what benefit you, if nothing do it, look for answer somewhere.

    I wish you all luck.!


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