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    Lora Jayne
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    Hi everyone, my name is Lora. I am 22 years old and have had health issues my whole life. In 2010 they got so bad that i literally had to stop living life. It wasn’t until 7 months ago that I found out the main culprit was Candida overgrowth. The doctor that diagnosed me thru a blood test and other tests, said it’s the worst level of candida he’s ever seen….

    It’s so hard to have gone through so many changes… Not only the changes i’ve had to make because of the Candida, but I also found out i’m gluten intolerant. Plus I had mono for the second time. While I enjoy eating healthy, sometimes I can’t help but to miss NOT HAVING TO CARE. Now I basically feel like an outsider. I can barely eat out without feeling sick and the stupid candida has held me back from so much. I’m trying not to let it define me anymore but it’s hard… I still feel very VERY tired, I have a lot of anxiety and I struggle to avoid fruits mainly. I’m going back to the first stage of detoxing because I started to feel pretty sick again and the candida seemed to be coming back. I am open to anyones advice, hope, story, etc….

    I feel like I will never get better… It’s so hard to stay positive at times when I literally feel DRUNK a lot of the time. It’s not fair and it doesn’t make sense why nobody understands candida.


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    Well within 6 months you will start to feel much much better if you proceed correctly. If you want to save a lot of hassle and get better results I would consider consulting a naturopathic doctor who has treated people with candida many times in the past. It’ll save you on time, but it costs money…typically better results though. If you decide to go the treat yourself route, it may be a frustrating and/or difficult path forward.

    Do you have mold in your home?

    I’ve also had mono and it will never go away completely from my experience. If you get your immune system in check though, it’ll definitely reduce its numbers.



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    Lora! You are literally a mirror of me! except my symptoms became flared up in 2011. I am 22 and i feel the same stomach pain, drunkenness, tired, anxiety, ALL OF IT.
    It’s hard when it feels like theres no one else who has this and you feel alone. But we are all struggling. Just hold in there and you will make it!
    Make sure you don’t skip any of the steps, like detox and probiotics.
    Also try ginger for stomach pain. I’m also using gynostemma that i ordered from hyperion nutrition and so far I’m getting very good results.

    Dont forget. We are gonna make it.


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    Fellow 22 year old here, just keep at it! I’ve been on the diet and taking supplements for the past 3 months and in the last couple of weeks I have noticed a big improvement. 3 months ago I was feeling just like you are right now. I had so little energy I could barely leave my house, I was on the verge of crying all the time, felt anxious quite often, couldn’t eat anything without feeling nauseous etc. I still have a long way to go but I feel alot happier these days and as a little added bonus I’ve lost weight and my hair, skin and nails have never looked better.

    I feel like its extremely hard being on the diet, especially at our age. I always see my friends and uni class mates eating and drinking whatever they want and can’t help but feel a little jealous. But the way I see it is, we’ve learned at a young age the importance of eating healthy and looking after our bodies, whereas most people our age won’t start to realise how important this stuff is until they get older and start getting all sorts of health problems because of they way they treat their bodies now. So if you think about it, we kind of have a head start.
    I know it sucks now, but just be patient and stick with it and you’ll be feeling better before you know it 🙂


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    Adjusting to this diet is really hard-and ALWAYS challenging. I doubt that any of us have a day in which we feel completely 100% free of temptation and without a twinge of resentment towards all of the people eating “normal food” all around us.

    But you have to reign it in.

    It sounds like you are carrying around a lot of emotions. All of that can swirl around you-and to your body-feel like stress. As we all know, stress is a factor in Candida. Probably a symptom…

    I would suggest that you try a little meditation, and some deep breathing exercises, so that your heart and mind can be at one with your intentions. Accept where you are at this moment and be grateful that you know how to go forward and heal yourself. Some days really suck…and some days don’t; accept them all with an open heart.

    I know all of that sounds wishy-washy. And hard… But being of the mind that this is a solution, and not a problem, honestly helps.

    Good luck!


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    Hi im 24 and party alot so its been a testing time without drinking.

    I post on hear whenever im feeling really emotional and people seem to rally behind me. Its been 2months & its been hard, especially that i had more energy when i was drinking 4days a week and eating HEAPS of sugar .

    I just noticed about a week ago my skin is amazingly clear now and my boyfriend has stopped telling me to get proactive for all my pimples, and i am learning how to take care of myself properly, this information will stay with me for the rest of my life. also knowledge ill pass on to my kids if i have them someday.

    Remember this good saying
    “this too shall pass.”

    xxx Bouncy


    Lora Jayne
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    I cannot say thank you enough… i wasn’t expecting any replies to this post to be honest, and I got on here today needing encouragement.. Sure enough, all 6 of you replied! I wasn’t expecting even 1 reply and here I get 6 different stories of 6 people struggling with the same thing…

    Thank you everyone… it’s so amazing to know i’m not alone…

    a question to all of you, since you all know about candida too… Do you think unsweetened chocolate is bad?


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    I’ve read on here that unsweetened chocolate will still have caffeine which is bad for the adrenals.

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