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    Hello guys. I have been for about an year on a candida diet but it didn´t work cause I was always eating grains or candy cause I have lot of craves. But know I want to take this more seriously. I know I have to follow I strict diet for heal my body but I´m tired of eggs, vegetables and meat. So I decided to make my own diet plan. I´m not lactose intolerant but of course I have digestive problems if i eat meat or eggs or dairy. I think the worst foods are grains. Worst than fruits. It give me gas, constipation and what so ever. So my diet will not include grains. I don´t care to follow my own diet for about 5 a 8 years but I just don´t want to eat just meat and eggs. So my question basically is: Since I don´t have a lot of digestive problems with cheese. could I eat some of it? Yes it give me a little of bit of gas than eggs but I eat already 8 eggs per day and I can´t take it anymore. So my own diet plan would be: Brie cheese, spinach, raw honey ( just a tablespoon), meat, eggs (try to eat less than 8 because I will throw up if I will eat just eggs),olive and maybe I would try peas or something like this. I know is not the best diet for candida but come on is not the worst either. I prefer be on this diet for 5 years and heal myself than be in a candida diet for 1 year and heal myself. Candida diet make me feel depress.


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    Eat as many different kinds of vegetables as you can is my advice as we need plenty of roughage and to make body more alkaline I believe – and I’m not too sure about the honey from everything I’ve read. Maybe if you were taking strong probiotics then the honey wouldn’t seem so bad., as the good bacteria could fight for the sugar?


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    Your advice is a good one, Angelica.

    I’m not so sure about the honey either. Honey is mostly sugar. Avoiding sugar by replacing it with honey is not useful, you’ll still be consuming lots of sugar even if you don’t realize it.

    Eating veggies and fruits is good advice, even for those who have no candida issue. Especially veggies, they contain lots of stuff that is not all that easily digested – and strange as this may sound to some, that’s actually a very good thing, because it prevents the intestines from becoming lazy.

    Veggies have no effect on the acidity or alkalinity of the body. That’s because the pH of the body is so extremely important that we have lots of extremely fast and accurate mechanisms which correct even the tiniest deviation from the optimal pH.


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    You need to develop a taste for veggies, and if you don’t like them, I would blend them up and make smoothies or juice them. For instance, mix together kale, some berries, nuts, broccoli, artichokes, etc. (lots of healthy vegetables) and put them in a blender, or get something like a nutribullet and down it real fast. You likely won’t get better unless you achieve proper nutrition. You might want to consult a nutritionist too.



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    I didn’t know what to eat but found Lisa’s diet plan very useful. I make veggies and eggs for breakfast with olive oil and cayenne pepper, a salad with turkey meat for lunch and for dinner I eat chicken steak or fish with more veggies. absolutely no grains or sugars. desert is coconut bread with keifer and creamy greek yogurt and cinnamon. The first week is hard but after that you feel so good that you start to love the diet. I love being hungry in the morning and being hungry for lunch and dinner and eating and feeling satisfied not bloated and farting all day.
    Salt pepper and olive oil will be your best friend. Good clean organic veggies and so much cheaper in the long run than processed grain food that slowly kills you.

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