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    The lower back pain is most likely caused by excess kidney energy as a result of it having to filter so many toxins during candida. The good news is you can release that pain fairly quickly by holding a few acupuncture points. I have fuond energy medicine to be an invaluable tool in healing. Everything is energy and the good thing is that if you know how to move that energy you dont have to feel so much pain! here is a link to Donna Edens site (famous for her energy medicine). Hold the sedating points not the strengthening to release the blocked energy. Hold the points labeled 1st at the same time for 3 mins., then hold the points labeled 2nd at the same time for 2 mins. Try doing this throughout the day. I find it helps immediatly. There are points for releasing stuck energy from all your organs meridians. Upper back pain is related to the small intestines, mid back pain is the large intestines.

    if you have it at your library get this book: Energy medicine, it will change your life

    kidney meridian[/img]


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