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    Hi! I’m new here I’ve only recently found out I have candida and I also only recently started having symptoms as well. The candida in my case seems to have come from a gluten intolerance 6 months ago where my symptoms got better 100% and then started getting worse.

    I’m not sure when the candida started to develop, but I had figured out I may have leaky gut before I was diagnosed with candida, because I kept developing food intolerances to foods I ate frequently. I started a rotation diet, but when I was diagnosed with candida this became a lot more difficult because of the limited foods.. I have trouble digesting meat so I only eat white meat and a test showed I have intolerance to all grains except for rice and amaranth. I decided not to worry about rotation as much and just focus on candida because I am so skinny and have such a limited amount of food I can eat..

    I started taking lemon in water daily for a few days, but today it seemed like I had a reaction, I don’t know for sure because my candida symptoms are making it more difficult for me to tell, but if I did I’m very worried and it is making me think I need to rotate again..

    The problem is I don’t know how to do a rotation diet with candida.. I am so limited on food already and don’t know what to do. My naturopath told me to eat legumes to replace grains so I can keep my weight up, but since all legumes are in the same food group I would only be able to eat them on one day. I wanted to start eating more vegetables and taking lemons, lime, coconut oil, flaxseed oil etc on a daily basis, but do these all have to be rotated too? How will I ever get better if I can’t take these things everyday?? Am I supposed to have a different kind of nut everyday?? These kinds of foods are so expensive for me and they have barely any calories in them at all! I don’t understand why trying to be healthy has to be so expensive..

    I’m sorry for sounding upset, I am just trying to figure everything out, but if I can’t get enough calories everyday I’m probably just going to fade away.. I would appreciate any advice anyone has to give me because I am just so lost at this point


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    Hey! Welcome to the forum 🙂

    There is a strict diet and protocol that those of us on the forum follow. It’s here:[](

    It basically helps get rid of the candida infestation, heal the leaky gut, and repopulate the gut with good bacteria. It is more strict than the diet on the website.

    I’m having similar troubles because I’m pretty much allergic to everything as well. I’m rotating to the best of my ability, but it’s hard 🙁 I’m just going on as best as I can, knowing that eventually, all my hard work will pay off and my leaky gut will heal so I can eat again.

    A lot of people have trouble with weight loss – I am a small guy, but I have lost almost 20 pounds in two months. I’m all skin and bones right now, but I know that once I’m healed, I’ll put the weight back on. To get more calories, I eat a lot of coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, and so on. We have a recipe on the forum for coconut bread, which is very easy to make and has a lot of fat and calories.

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