How to keep weight on when you are vegan, and doing candida diet?

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    I am about 7 weeks in on the Candida diet, after the first month I dipped below 100 pounds! I have a very fast metabolism, I literally have to eat not stop to keep up on the calories. This was already with the addition of spoonfuls of coconut oil, and adding more nuts. (I wasnt toasting them though until just a couple days ago.) the candida was going away at this point. But I was withering away, and something had to be done, so I figured it was time to start adding in more to my diet. I have added more nuts, a little bit more coconut oil, smoothies (almond milk, hemp protein, almond butter (roasted), raspberries, or pumpkin), quinoa and some eggs. I am at least more stable weight wise even though I can’t seem to get back to where I was, but now my candida is back, pretty much back to where I started. I am getting really frustrated as it has totally effected my life by the fact that, I always have to be in or near my kitchen, which is hard when you are at work 45 hours a week.. Any suggestions as to how to find the balance here between starving yourself to death, or getting rid of the candida?


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    Well your not vegan anymore so you can very easily put weight on with animal products.

    Research implied to me that coconut oil actually may reduce weight…so im not sure that will be a factor in your recovery.

    I cant follow the candida diet, because it is exceptionally low-carb and that effects your neurotransmitter production, making you feel depressed or aggravated, and it will make you lose weight no question!

    What you presented as your diet sounds like it will be helpful over time. Give it a chance…since your metabolism will need to re-balance after low-carbing.

    I might be here to learn about candida, but I have experience with different lifestyles.

    When was the last time you had a blood panel done?

    My latest research is on how nutritional deficiencies play a part in this, since everyone has a different diet and different results with different products. Are you low in iron? Vitamin D? Zinc?

    (eggs is not vegan 😉 )


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    Avocados are your friend. Delightfully fatty. Eat ’em. Love ’em. When else in your life will you get to indulge in them as now?

    I remember at the beginning of the diet I seemed to be losing a 1/2 pound per day. I started eating like three or four avocados per day. I even fried them up in slices with different spices, to make avocado fries. My favourite was mashing it in with smoked paprika and sauerkraut made of purple cabbage (it makes a tastier kraut, in my opinion) and spreading it over oat bran bread. So yummy.


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    I personally lost weight and then gained weight over the time on the diet. I’d recommend trying out teff and baking with it. You can make kefir cheese, and a kefir teff bread if you are looking for something that will help you gain weight.

    If you increased the surface area of your gut by healing it, it should absorb more food over time.

    If you chewed your food more, this will increase the surface area of the food you eat allowing for better absorption. Try out chewing your food 30+ times per each bite.–Simple-tip-to-improve-your-health.aspx

    Consider making smoothies. Make them 2-3 times per day.

    The roasted nuts and almond butter likely can set back your progress because if basically converts the nuts into bad saturated fat. I would stick to them raw if possible…it also has better nutritional properties raw… I’d replace quinoa with rice; either black, red, or wild rice.

    Consider eating meat such as chicken and fish. Fish has a ton of health benefits.


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