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    I’m just starting to treat my Candida problems this week. I started yesterday by eating nothing but raw vegetables all day, along with some coconut oil. I felt great and energetic yesterday, better than usual, but today I’ve felt so completely drained all day, I even had trouble walking up the stairs. I had to eat a couple of eggs tonight just to stop from passing out.

    I really want to eat the right diet to kill off the Candida but I can’t be feeling this tired cause I can’t go out or do anything feeling like that. Are there certain foods that have good amounts of protein/fiber that I can actually eat everyday to keep my energy up? Cause the foods I used to eat that fit that bill (brown rice, oatmeal, almond butter, chicken) all seem to be bad for candida.


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    You will able to eat almond butter and chicken, just not on the cleanse and it also depends what protocol your following if your following Lisa Richards you can eat these things if you follow Able then i don’t think the almond butters on the list. I eat almond butter, and alot of food, (all lisa richards approved) yet i still lack much energy and im nearly on my 4th month, sometimes its hard for me for days and days to do much past getting out of bed.

    But sometimes its good.

    Spirulina is also good as it is high in vit.
    Getting b5 and b12 are important as they are energy vit.
    Vit C and iron together are a powerful combo.

    x Bouncy


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    Check out this post:

    What are you doing to detox from the toxins? Are you eating enough food and drinking enough water?


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