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    I have type 1 diabetes which means my blood sugar drops about once a day. I have to have sugar when this happen b/c if I don’t I will pass out. I usually need 15-20 grams. There’s really no way to avoid the lows, it’s a struggle controlling my sugar. Is there a way to do the candida diet successfully? I was thinking if I limit my sugar just consuming it when I’m low that may work?


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    I don’t know that much about diabetes and your needs, but is it possible to do fruits (fructose) in stead of normal white sugar? it would probably be better and more nutritious if you are able to.

    edit: on second thought, I rally don’t know if I should advice you on this topic, so probably ask a professional.


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    Eat lots of fruits? In essence, you may eat fruits all day every day. There are even people who only eat fruit (called fruitarians).
    My understanding of diabetes is that you need to avoid sugar (except fruits) and supplement with chromium and vanadium.


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    The way I look at it is if you avoid white sugar and use alternative sugars such as honey, agave nectar, natural sugars found in food, maple syrup, etc. this is much much better than consuming white sugar to help address blood sugar problems. This is a long term battle so whatever improvements you can make with diet will pay off in your general health.

    However, I recommend a professional in regards to this because there are some that likely can reverse or mitigate the effects of diabetes by focusing on pancreas health, etc. The way my ND looks at it, no disease is permanent.



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    I know this is an old topic but I just had to reply. I understand that it’s not possible to know anything about every disease on the planet, but please do not spread false claims like these!

    1. TheChosenOne, like flyawayhoneybee said, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease UNLIKE diabetes type 2, which is self caused. Type 2 can be managed by eating less carbs and supplementing with e.g. chromium. But type 1 means that you’re insulin-dependent and need to inject insulin whenever you eat carbs. Any carbs. But you can also eat any carbs you wish, it isn’t necessary to avoid sugar at all, although it does make it easier to manage your blood sugar levels if you do.

    2. raster. Type 1 diabetes is NEVER curable. Ever. Before insulin was invented in the 1920s, it was a death sentence. Type 1 means that your body destroys the cells that produce insulin (and even if you’re able to regenerate these cells, your body will just destroy them again, so you can’t really mitigate anything either).

    Without insulin your body will not be able to transfer sugar (fuel) into your muscles, brain etc. Which means you’ll die. Hence type 1s have to manually administer their insulin. Calculating the right dose is extremely difficult and you often get it wrong (the amount of carbs you eat is not the only thing that affects how much insulin you need, but it also depends on exercise, sleep, hormones, stress and a gazillion other things…). That’s why killcandida needs to eat sugar every now and then if they have gotten the dose wrong.

    However, type 2 diabetes (a completely different disease if you haven’t understood this point already) is curable as it has to do with insulin resistance. The body still makes insulin but the insulin just doesn’t work properly in the body, usually because of a poor diet. Type 1s have no insulin, and their disease is caused by genes.

    I just hate it when people get these things mixed up and don’t realize how serious a condition type 1 diabetes is. Not to say type 2 isn’t serious, but type 1 literally means that YOU WILL DIE IN A FEW DAYS IF YOU DON’T INJECT ANY INSULIN – even if you eat an extremely low carb diet as you will need basal insulin just to stay alive.

    And yes, there are literally hundreds of other diseases too that are permanent, so your ND is dead wrong.


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    I know this is an old thread now, but I find it a fascinating discussion.
    I have been a type 1 for 15 years and have just started the candida diet, have cut out all sugars and most carbs and feel I’m practically starving myself since I cant always face consuming the rather bilious looking asparagus and sprout soup sitting in the fridge – today I kept myself going on almonds (which I adore) until I read that they aren’t very healthy because of chemicals.
    My blood sugars have kept at a steady 5 – 4 when I’m hungry and 7.5 after gorging on almonds – with only one shakey low (remedied with the only thing I had to hand since I was on the road – a crunchie) in two days.
    I find rikilou’s remarks re needing basal insulin just to stay alive intriguing as I was always under the impression that if consuming an intensely low carb intake (as I am at the moment), if I took insulin I would almost go into insulin shock (incidentally, I have taken nothing, not even glargine as I’ve been too frightened of sending sugars too low).
    Experienced candida fighting diabetics out there, what should I be doing?
    I’m probably doing everything wrong!


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    By the way, does anyone know of toothsome food available on the go? Most things I enjoy are consigned to the ‘no’ list

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