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    I am looking to start the first step of the candida diet: Detox. I have been surviving on my own make shift diet plan for 8 months consisting of taking probiotics, mutivitimins, herbal tea, and a strict no sugar diet, however the infections keep popping up here and there. So here I am giving the candida 60 day diet a try. A couple questions for anyone who can give some thought to this before I start:

    I was wondering if I should keep using my daily probiotic through the detox stage. It is the Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Vaginal Care 50 billion with 38 probiotic strains.

    Another thing I would really appreciate some help with is the meal plan. I am a bit overwhelmed with the idea of putting a meal together of just vegetables because I have been eating so scarcely due to the no sugar restrictions, I have reduced my meals to single items such as trail mix and triscuits and feel like I have forgotten how to cook. if anyone can just list each meal (and if possible how they seasoned/ cooked it) throughout the day for the detox phase (and even the diet phase ) it would help me so much.

    Thank you


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    I use a starchy food, such as buckwheat, quinoa or green lentils, in every meal.


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