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    I am ready to start this even though it will be tough because Im a picky eater already. My question is how to deal with family, friends, coworkers.

    Here is why I decided to do the candida diet:
    Recurrent yeast infections almost every month for 6 years!!!
    Oral thrush
    And my biggest one: Infertility – I went to a reproductive endocronologist and he ran every test and said to just keep trying on our own. I have endometriosis that was diagnosed via laparoscopy but he said it was not the cause because it was mild. I was 28 at the time, Im 32 and still have been unable to conceive. We are coming up on our 4th anniversary and I am willing to try anything.
    When all of this started I was prescribed the zpack, ceflex? and 2 other antibiotics because I had bronchitis for 3 months. My dr finally said after 4 rounds of antibiotics that my body needed to fight it on my own. Im thinking if I have candida overgrowth this was a major contributing factor. As well as my diet.

    I don’t want to get into why Im dieting and I don’t think people will understand. Im already thin so I don’t want people to think Im trying to lose weight. What is the best way to explain this. Im not telling coworkers I can’t drink/eat certain foods because of yeast infections or infertility- Im a teacher and starting at a new school in August and its TMI and nothing I would want to discuss anyway.

    My friends and family are supportive although my husband has his concerns. I google too much and tried lots of supplements for fertility and tried self diagnosing since my dr found nothing. He is trying to be supportive but I know he is thinking this is just one more thing… and with no proof that I actually have the problem I can see his concern.

    Thanks to anyone who took the time to read all this and for your support.


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    Wow,tough situation. Killing off yeast isn’t about losing weight, it’s about restoring yourself to health. I don’t know if your family and friends would accept this, but your professional contacts might: I would tell them the diet is medicinal, to take care of a health concern I prefer to keep to myself. Good luck!


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    Maybe you can keep it simple. Just tell them you are having a problem with your immune system linked to a disturbed gut flora, which makes you feel out of balance. And that eating the right food helps this problem.


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    mamagibbs4 wrote: I would tell them the diet is medicinal, to take care of a health concern I prefer to keep to myself. Good luck!

    This is what I would tell people I have to tell. I’ve told my family, my fiance, and one friend because the rest wouldnt understand. I lost 3 stone in weight over a few years before this diet, because i needed to and on the diet i’ve lost another stone and if i were to say its a specific diet of veg and very little carbs, word would spread like wild fire that i’ve been crash dieting, especially at work. People can be very cruel. But i’m not stick thin, just healthy now.

    Generally i’m keeping quiet and not saying anything because the last thing I want people to know is its for yeast infections. The one friend I told knows exactly why but she’s different and open minded. My family think its a bit strange and I believe my mum has candida, worse than me but she’d never be able to cope with the die off like I had. My fiance is fully supportive and understands completely. Unfortunately not everyone is like him.

    Work is the hardest thing with foods because, working airside at an airport I cant bring liquids into the office and I also try to hide what I eat sometimes because eating plain chicken, or a slice of yellow looking bread (coconut bread) may look strange to people eating big bowls of pasta or massive sandwiches.

    I think its all worth it though


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    Very important topic. This lifestyle can be very very challenging and support is CRUCIAL. I strongly recommend working to get your husband to support you in this as you have probably already noticed people tend to be judgmental of things they don’t understand.

    The good news is the healthier you get the less others opinion of you will matter. But, honestly how are veggies and chicken something to be embarrassed about in the first place?! I think eating foods that are slowly killing people is much more embarrassing.

    Kudos to you making this leap … you will be amazed at how something like candida can affect something like fertility. All the best, please keep us updated!


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    I’ve taken the open and honest approach. I mention what I’m doing to anyone I need to share a meal with or even that I see in the store (while I’m buying out the kale) and have gotten much needed support from my swim community, friends and family. Turns out other people have gone through similar things and that is also supportive for me. If they don’t “get it” then maybe sometime in their future they will understand and it might help them deal with something.


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    It can be tough, and general knowledge about gut flora is non-existent, so it’s hard to convince people with the truth. Finding a story that works for you and avoids embarrassment is probably the best idea. Recently diagnosed with allergies, pre-diabetes etc, trying a pro-fertility nutritional plan? I don’t like lying, but it depends on the situation.

    As for fertility, if your doctor found nothing that’s surely a good sign, right? Getting yourself healthy first can’t do the cause any harm. Maybe it could even become a source of motivation in these troubling times for you.

    I don’t know anything about the topic except bits and pieces that’ve popped up in miscellaneous reading, but I’d look into balancing hormones if you haven’t already. Things like elevated cortisol, unbalanced “sex” hormones, thyroid disturbances etc should raise red lights, and are far from uncommon among people with chronic infections, and can be exasperated (or caused) by stress.


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    Here’s some things I would consider mentioning:

    -I have unhealthy gut flora, and the health of a person lies in their gut. If you can get the flora of your gut healthy, you can get the body healthy as well.

    -I am allergic to the following types of foods: processed foods, dairy, molds, sugar, yeast, pork, beef, etc. People can typically understand food allergies.

    -I have a chronic yeast infection and this is how to fight it…

    -I took antibiotics and destroyed the flora in my gut. Antibiotics stand for “against life” and destroy both the beneficial and bad bacteria in my gut. Some bacterial species in my gut may never return. The opposite of antibiotics is probiotics which stand for “pro life.” Probiotics only grow in environment that is conducive for their growth.

    I personally found that education can empower someone and this will allow you to better explain what it is you are fighting and how to do it. Dr. Mcoomb’s is a great source to learn about candida if you are just starting out:

    Don’t follow his plan though, the basics of it are found in the protocol…



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    Thanks you all for your advice and support. I think telling my friends and family it is a “pro-fertility” diet is a great idea because they know we’ve been trying for years. When school starts back up, I’m still not sure but I know I will just bring my lunch and will deal with questions as they come. I am more embarassed about the yeast infections then the infertility. Yeast infections aren’t a topic you want to bring up as you are eating your lunch in the teacher’s lounge and someone makes an observation that you are eating healthy every day. Starting at a new school may actually be a positive thing for me with this diet. At my old school everyone would have been shocked to see me eating a healthy diet and would have asked a lot of questions. Maybe the teachers at the new school will just think I’m health conscience. Thanks again for all of your support. I will keep everyone posted on how I deal with what Im realizing is a huge change and commitment but I am ready for it.


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    Javizy wrote: Things like elevated cortisol, unbalanced “sex” hormones, thyroid disturbances etc should raise red lights, and are far from uncommon among people with chronic infections, and can be exasperated (or caused) by stress.

    Good point. My dr tested my hormones at different times of the month and that was normal, and my general practitioner checked my thyroid and that bloodwork came back normal. He did find that my vitamin d levels were low so I just started taking supplements. There were studies that showed a link between fertility and vitamin d. I think my problem is a bit more complex but checking things off the list is still a good thing.

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