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    Hi all,

    I was just wondering how we are supposed to alternate/take different antifungals.

    So far I have a load of virgin organic coconut oil and aloe vera juice. I was thinking of getting some Pau d’Arco tea and some goldenseal powder too. Is this necessary? Or are these 2 enough? And when suggested to use more than one, is that, take a few different ones everyday OR, monday=coconut oil, tuesday-aloe vera, wednesday pau d’arco etc?

    I read on another post that: “There is no need to alternate coconut oil with other antifungals as this is a whole-food antifungal which the Candida will not adapt to.”

    Is this true?

    Also, I just bought some Molybdenum. Have other people used this with good results?

    Cheers guys


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    You can take all of these at once if you wanted. The tea won’t be too strong so it shouldn’t do too much. Goldenseal is pretty weak from my experience. You can take coconut oil and aloe vera everyday throughout your treatment; the main thing candida adapts to is caprylic acid (within 6-8 weeks) and the others it adapts to less. Today I had die-off from black walnut extract which I have taken for over the last 6 months every single day.

    A lot of people still feel awful despite the molybdenum; it only prevents die off and doesn’t do anything in terms of killing candida or fighting the infection off.

    I would research other antifungals; garlic and SF722 are good ones as well. I take these every day and do not rotate them.



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