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    Hi, i am new in here and i have a few questions about the diet. Firtly how strict does the diet have to be exactly? is it possible to kill off the candida infection slowly if i wanted to do it that way? or would that be a bad idea.

    As a young male living away from home this is a very difficult diet to uphold although i am doing a fairly good job since i started last week.

    Is brown rice the only form of carbs to eat with dinner. i am also trying to gain weight and have been for a while and i think eating a bad diet to gain weight and also antibiotics caused my candida infection. any advice on foods to eat that would make sure i at least dont loose weight on this diet. Thanks in advance for any help 🙂


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    Okay, as a fellow young male feeling the effects of candida for years now I think I can relate to what you are dealing with. I’m in my second serious try of dealing with candida and man, its freaking hard. My first serious try was in a vegan community where I basically lived of of veggies, brown rice, and coconut, and yeah I was getting really skinny. It did work though after a while, as I had 3 whole days of feeling actually awake, which feels miraculous to me and is very rare.
    The reason why my first serious cleanse (first months of last year) didn’t work was because I was not strict enough on the diet for the rest of the year. Sure, I was eating tons of garlic and spices and no sugar, but I was still taking things like alcohol and coffee, which kept it alive.

    You either commit, or you fail.

    In my opinion and experience, brown rice is not so bad and easily digested, though I would really limit the use. Alternative: I have just discovered buckwheat, ground up buckwheat and buckwheatflour, with or without eggs, make for good ‘pancakes’ to be baked in a frying pan. You can make it sweet with coconut and almond butter on top, or spicy. Pretty good.

    Myself, i eat ridiculous amounts of fat from ghee, fish, meat, eggs, and cooking oils. You wont get a fat shortage if you’re not vegetarian, and your body will learn to adjust to fat instead of carbs as its main source of energy. Skip the beef and pork though, too heavy.

    As you adjust to this diet you will begin to see more options in what you can eat. Take it easy on yourself though, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do everything right the first try. Negative energy and stressing about food might even be worse then a diet slip up.


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    Hi thanks for the post.

    My main question though is can it be healed over a longer period of time if the diet is not upheld 100 percent but just enough to kill the candida while also adding to the natural flora? And also how do we know when we have restored a natural balance in our bodies?

    I think i have had some quiet bad die off symptoms this week being my first week. I have asthma and this week it was pretty bad and also sinus problems but now they appear to have gone. So is this a sign that the majority of the yeast has been killed off?

    I also have a very bad allergy to eggs so that to gain weight is out of the question.

    Thanks, Andrew.


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    eating lots of avocados helped me maintain my weight.


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    I started off doing phase 3, then phase 2, then phase 1…and lets just put it this way, if you start at a different phase of the diet first, then it just won’t work.

    At one point I was eating brown rice with every dinner meal and it only prolonged my treatment. I also ate sunflower seeds unsoaked every day as well. These significantly set me back for months and I wasn’t getting better.

    I am currently on phase 2 and been on the diet for over 7 months, and I only recommend going to this phase and its items if you feel really strong and have basically no food allergies. Even so, I feel that my progress has more or less leveled out since I started this phase. If you want the most progress while on the diet, getting as strict as possible is your best bet.

    Check out the allowed foods list if you haven’t seen it; it is must more strict than the website. As you can see brown rice is not listed; this should be saved for phase 2. It contains a lot of starch and small amounts of sugar which will feed the candida slightly. If you want to eat rice, I recommend checking out black, wild, or red rice which have much more nutritional value than brown or white rice.



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    Ok thanks raster but my main question is can i kill the yeast infection over a longer period of time by cutting out most of the foods not allowed and using anti fungals and probiotics? i am jus t being realistic with myself because this diet is way too hard for me. I am a student living away from home trying to gain weight. If it can happen over time then we should be able to reverse it overtime right?


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    andrew wrote: my main question is can i kill the yeast infection over a longer period of time by cutting out most of the foods not allowed…

    Hello, Andrew.
    Are you talking about killing off some of the Candida and feeding the ones left so that they can multiply, creating more Candida to take the place of the dead ones?

    Isn’t that a bit like shooting your enemy and then treating his injuries so that he can rejoin his comrades and shoot at you again?

    If it can happen over time then we should be able to reverse it overtime right?

    How much time do you want to invest in a cure? And you might ask some of the people who have had their Candida infestation for 10 to 15 years why they’re still trying to cure themselves of the infestation. You may find your answer that way.


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