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    Hey everyone,

    Just curious how much time people on the forum spend making/peparing their meals. Graduate school started back up for me and I am really starting to “feel” how much time I spend in the kitchen.

    I spend time in the kitchen making yogurt, kefir, coconut/buckwheat bread, regular meals/snacks and of course doing dishes. Recently decided to go back to making store bought greek yogurt and continue making kefir at home.

    Every weekend (when I have more time) I spend a couple hours in the kitchen making a few loafs of bread. I make a couple at a time so that I can stick them in the freezer and be set for the next week or more.

    Over the past few months, I have found ways to be more efficient. For example, making more than one loaf of bread at a time and doing dishes while I am cooking dinner to name a few.

    I’m not even going to get into it about the dishes…lol. Thankfully we are getting a dishwasher this week so that will get easier!! 🙂

    I probably spend an hour and a half a day in the kitchen making meals and doing dishes. Depends on how creative I am feeling. Spend even more time in the kitchen on the weekends. Feels like a lot of time when I have to dedicate so much time to school and my thesis.

    Being on this diet really makes me miss those occassional times when I could pick up something up to eat instead of cook.

    Does anyone else feel like they are always in the kitchen now since being on the diet?

    If you have any great tricks, I would love to hear them! 🙂




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    Yes I know what you mean. I use alot of time in the kitchen to. But I’am gradually getting more efficent.

    Her are some of the things I do to speed up the food making:

    Cut up and wash as much cabbage that I can fit into a container. I use alot of cabbage in my dinners.

    I steam my vegetabels. My usal vege mix constist of cabbage, broccoli, spinat, and a littel beans. Takes about 1 min for the steaming to beging and 6 min for the vegetabels to get the consistense I like.

    You can also steam chicken and turkey, if you cut it up into pices. Take about 20 min to be done. Let the chicken steam alone for the first 14 mins and the add the vegetabels. Comes out great.

    Steaming fish to is fast and yummy. Steam for about 10-15 min. Same time that you would cock it.



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    I spend a huge amount of time in the kitchen but its hard to say exactly how much time I spend on me and how much on the rest of the family. The biggest things is there are pots to wash after every single meal, rather than just the main one… and most of them can’t go into the dishwasher! I cook 4 meals a day for myself so that adds up. Also I cook 3 seperate dinners each evening – 1 for the 3 youngest kids, one for the teen & hubby and 1 for myself. I try to pverlap but that can often be even more difficult.

    The main thing I do that helps is to cook for a few days at a time. I know there was another thread about storing food but I just couldn’t manage if I didn’t plan & cook ahead. I do roast veg (aubergine, garlic, red onion in coconut oil) enough for 3 days. Leeks in coconut oil for 2 or 3 dinners. Rutabaga, broccolli, cabbage, sprouts I prep a few protions at a time and keep in airtight containers raw in the fridge just to steam. Also I have frozen sprouts & spinach as a backup. A big pot of soup every 3 or 4 days (freeze 2 portions/ chill 2 portions). 2 different types of bread a time & freeze in packs of 2 slices (toast from frozen). I make homemade mayo and dressing anough for a few days at a time.

    I made yummy turkey patties last week and froze 3 portions uncooked. I slow cook an organixc chicken twice a week, eat 1 portion, freeze 1 portion & feed the family with the rest (use bones for soup).

    I keep hard boiled eggs, cucumber, olives & kefir in the fridge at all times for a quick snack. Also buckwheat crackers with tapanade (black olive) spread. I try to have 1 meal a day where I don’t have to use cooking pots – an easy salad with just greens, a tin of sardines/ wild salmon, a small avocado & pre made dressing.

    That’s all I can think of!

    And yes, I also miss being able to pick up a pizza or fish & chips or a chinese for the whole family and just throw out to emtpy cartons after! We only did that once every few weeks anyway but it’s a great backup when we’re extra busy! We called to the “chipper” on Sunday for fish & chips and I still had to come home and make myself an avocado/ sardine salad after to it defeats the purpose of giving Mummy the day off!

    I’ll be watching this thread closely for more handy time saving tips!!



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    Thanks for the tips!

    I got a steamer for Christmas, and that has really helped out a lot. I love how you can drop the veggies in, set the time, and walk a way for a bit. Before, I was standing in the kitchen stirring and stirring. The steamer gives me more time to do dishes and clean the kitchen while I am in there anyways. When it’s done, the kitchen is clean and I can enjoy my meal. 🙂

    I wasn’t doing so much cooking ahead before because that just made more dishes. (I HATE DOING DISHES). Wish the dishwasher coming this week I might change my mind on that. 🙂

    This semester is starting out very stressful…so I don’t want to spend time in the kitchen. I just want to do mile long list of reading/assignments and go to bed. Glad to know I’m not the only one spending so much time in the kitchen!


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    Before candida I never found time to cook. I’ve been enjoying it and I look up fun new dishes to try and it’s been, creative to say the least. I do dishes as I go. I’m approaching the point where I can consume coconut flower (4 more days) so I’m not sure what baking is going to add to my schedule of cooking but I’m so excited. First stop tortillas!!!

    I make bigger meals for a few days the night before and I boil several days worth of eggs in advance.

    My quickest meal is scrambled eggs. Yumm.


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    I spend a ton of time in the kitchen and it sucks. In the morning I spend about 20 mins preparing my 4 course breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I spend about 45 mins cooking buckwheat, meats, and salad.

    I did get a steamer for xmas and it makes preparing rice much easier. Rice is a phase 2 item btw.


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