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    So I’ve started oat bran recently.
    Up to a 30g portion, with water so far. Using Bob’s red mill gluten free. I’ve had no reactions that I can pinpoint, in fact the only thing I notice is a little gas at the end of the day, which at this time on the diet is not uncommon for me anyway.

    My questions as per the title: how much should I have in one portion (it says 40g serving size on the packet), and how often should I have it? I’ve been having it every other day since I don’t think it should be consumed daily.

    I am also wondering if I should re-try buckwheat (which I had a reaction to very early on in my coconut bread). If it is all right this time around, the same questions apply.

    But also, is is ok to have buckwheat one day, and oat bran the next? By rotating them every day? Or is this too often?

    Thanks for any replies.


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    It is a very good idea to rotate your food.
    Bloating/gas can be related to a lack of stomach acid.


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    I eat about 1 cup a day, 1/2cup for breakfast, 1/2 cup later in the day. But that is pretty much ALL the carbs I eat in a day. I think it’s different for everyone. I noticed when I was eating more bad stuff would happen, so I’ve cut down to 1 cup a day


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    I tried introducing the Bobs red mill gf oat bran about 6 weeks ago. It was a nice change up from the cream of buckwheat. At first I just made some using the directions on the package but quickly realized that was 2 portions. I started making 1 serving and alternating between cream of buckwheat and oat bran every other day. I’ve started the diet over from scratch and am avoiding oat bran for now as I felt like it may have caused some flare ups.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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