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    Hello all! I am new to the Candida Diet. I have just started with stage 2, and while I am feeling great from all the veggies I have been eating, I am still experiencing the bloating/constipating/diarrhea, etc that caused me to go on the diet in the first place. I know it takes a while for the yeast to leave and that everyone is different, but can anyone give me some advice? Is it going to take me three months to even START feeling better, until all the yeast is gone? Or will I start feeling better before all of the yeast is gone? I have been suffering with these symptoms for so long, I am just dying for some relief. Not only that, but I was never diagnosed by a doctor and therefore am not 100% sure that this is indeed Candida, so I would like to know before 3, 4, 5 months are up so I can move on to the next possible solution. Any advice would be great! Thanks!


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    I started out with phase 3, then I went to phase 2, then I went to phase 1. All I will say about phase 2 is that it is there for a reason; for when you are feeling better.

    If you don’t completely eliminate the problem as good as possible, then all you will be doing is allowing the candida to grow and die, grow and die, grow and die over and over. This is very tough on the body, the mind, and the soul. If you want to see real improvement, starting out with phase 2 will only prolong your treatment for a significant amount of time. And it won’t eliminate the symptoms because candida will be ever present.

    For instance, you could do phase 2 for 6 months and barely feel any improvement, but if you did phase 1 for 4 months and then phase 2 for 2 months…you would feel much much better in comparison. All you are doing by starting with phase 2 first is prolonging your treatment and the symptoms.

    It can take as long as 6-18 months to fully recover from candida and if you want to make it a shorter recovery time, I highly recommend starting with phase 1 first.



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    sunshinedaydream wrote: Hello all! I am new to the Candida Diet. I have just started with stage 2

    Hello, Sunshine, welcome to the forum.

    Which diet are you following, the website’s or the one on the forum? Did you do a cleanse period or just started on phase 2?



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    I went to a Gastroenterologist that found the yeast infestation by performing an colonoscopy and endoscopy while I was under sedation. He found yeast infestation in my throat and lower intestines. He showed me this on the monitor and provided me with pictures. He gave me Difulcan which barely scratched the surface. Finally I agreed to go to a naturpath and he was able to help me through the candida diet, nystatin and hefty doses of probiotics (50 billion count).

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