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    Hi all

    I live in UK. I have been struggling with bloating, constipation, slow transit, belching, irritability, and floating lumpy heavy stools since 2012. I have had a long list of tests done and things that I’ve tried in my battle to discover the real reason for these symptoms. I recently went to see an allergy tester who’s tests led her to believe that I had a yeast overgrowth in combination with a ‘leaky gut’ and should follow a candida diet.

    I have been doing that very strictly now for two weeks – I started by doing a 3 day bone broth fast, and since then have only been eating meat/fish, lots of vegetables, coconut and coconut bread (that I made) and nuts. I drink herbal teas – peppermint, green, fennel mostly.

    I was expecting this basic diet would have made changes (improvements) to my bowel frequency and consistency, and minimize the bloating, but if anything my bowels have slowed down further and bloating is still bad.

    How long would I have to follow the strict candida diet before I should see an improvement in BM frequency and consistency ?

    Secondly, has anybody has ever had comprehensive digestive stool analysis carried out ? I am at the stage now where I will spend money on comprehensive diagnostic tests if they are likely to get me closer to finding a solution.

    I thank you kindly for any advice in advance.




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    Definitely consider the CDSA. That will give you a much better idea of what’s really going on.

    You should be seeing some changes in your BMs, simply because your diet has changed so much. The first few weeks can often see some digestive complaints because the gut flora is changing and adapting. If Candida is the problem, it will take a while to change the gut flora and repopulate.


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    Thanks for your reply Wiley200.

    Does anyone know where the best place is to order the CDSA test from in the UK ?
    I saw that you could order from it from the Genova diagnostics website :

    Genova – Order tests

    they have different tests available:-

    – options for different tests plus lots of add-on tests which could make the total bill pretty costly. Not sure which tests I should order / would need.

    Also having a diagnostics sheet with a load of numbers on it is nice, but who would interpret what it means? please don’t say my GP! .. so far I’ve got absolutely nowhere on that track, and am feeling pretty negative towards seeing him again on this subject (hence why I’m looking to pay for the tests!).

    Does anybody know if a lack of stomach acid production (hypochlorhydria) can be detected from a comprehensive stool test? this is my current line of investigation as the tests I have tried at home (bicarb & HCL challenge) suggest that I may be deficient.

    Many thanks



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    You really need to take digestive aids to notice improvement in digestion…the diet itself won’t reverse the environment in the gut, it just helps your general health and prevents the yeast from expanding. I’d look into probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc. I’d consider consulting a naturopath if possible so they can put you on the correct products for your problems. You likely have deficiencies in stomach acid which could or could not be caused by h.pylori infection which cause sluggish digestion.

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