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    Hi everyone. Im aware that we are all here for answers but if any of you have had any success or feel like you are recovering can you please share the info. I am doing the yeast free, sugar and dairy free diet and I am on week 7. I am still too ill to work due to the exhaustion amongst other things. I really am desperate to get well so I can get on with my life. I have been ill for 10 months although 9 of them months were due to h pylori, although I wonder if i have had candida longer than i thought. the symptoms are the same .
    I am waiting to start the candida clear and i have raw garlic in pure virgin olive oil daily , I take bicarb soda in water when i get heartburn. i was using apple cider vinegar but it as rotted my teeth because becaue i didnt think to swill my mouth out with water afterwards.
    have any of you had insomnia with this too?
    I got some fluconaziole but dant take it because i always read the side effects and they scare me off. Has anyone tried them with success?
    I would really appreciate any advice. thanks. and i hope you all get better soon x


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    I saw great results from the basic diet, without resorting to the extra supplements. My diet consisted of:

    2 to 4 cups of homemade vegetable soup daily, (more water than solids).
    Two 3-oz burgers
    6 oz turkey
    Two big green salads
    2 avocados with ground garlic

    This was divided into 5 or 6 small meals. If I needed more food, I consumed cooked squash or greens, such as spinach. Sometimes, I ate raw tomatoes. Everything I cooked had garlic and/or ginger in it.

    After several weeks of this, the body rash, the itching, the tiredness, the headaches, the coating on my tongue, the jock itch, and the depression started to go away.

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